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Top 5 upcoming technologies in smartphones

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Technology is taking over smartphones and people are demanding something new after every quarter of an year, something that can excite them to buy a new phone for the “new tech” it provides. Smartphone companies are working on over the edge technologies that can prove out to be massive game changers in future. The time of smartphones like the ones seen in the movie “total recall” are far.

  1. 1. Curved Screen: Remember LG showing that curved OLED last year? A similar concept is being put up in smartphones as well. Samsung is being said to work on a foldable smartphone technology and rumors were that the company even got a patent under its name. If the rumors are true we surely can expect a whole lot in the coming few years from Samsung and the smartphone world will be redefined once again.
  1. 3D holographic Display: A video recently went viral on youtube which featured a smartphone built on a 3D and holographic technology. The phone worked in 3D had a foldable screen and also featured a z axis which explains the 3D display. The video showed the user playing angry birds in 3D and displaying photos and editing art in a stupendous way. Though it was a concept phone and was developed by an university in USA, but 3D technology in a smartphone will surely be something to see.
  1. Retina scanner: Movies like Mission Impossible, James Bond etc. show some stunning tech based equipments and security which also include retina scan. The thing might actually become real and it is being said that Apple will include this in its 2017-18 model of the iPhone. Fingerprint sensors which were first Introduced in a smartphone by Apple are extremely common these days and companies are trying to build new security functions apart from this. Retina scanner will take things to the next level and smartphones will be awesome again.
  1. Transparent Display: LG managed to launch a phone in the year 2008-09 that featured a transparent keypad and the price was more than $500. The phone was moderately successful but not what the company might have expected. But now in the smartphone era big brands are focusing to being smartphones with a complete transparent screen. Though many companies are getting different patents related to this but we haven’t seen any successful device in the market yet.
  1. 5. Complete voice AI: You might like Siri and Cortana right now but if you believe inĀ  what internet has to say, we will see mobile phones that will completely work over AI with little to no touch required. The device will completely work Voice AI which is hard to digest as its something beyond imagination right now. The recently launched robotic smartphone RoBoHon is an example of what this sort of tech might look like. RoBoHon is a phone that looks like a mini robot but works as a smartphone by taking voice commands as input.

There are many more things that are secretly being developed by tech companies including VR for smartphones. The world hasn’t fully accepted VR in gaming yet and companies are planning to add this into smartphones. Other things include paper thin phones, voice based security activation etc. The world is evolving and we are ready to add up the high tend tech in our lives.

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