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Presentations should not only be about content— but they should also be about aesthetics. This means that your presentation should not just effectively convey needed information to your audience, it should also be interesting enough so that your audience will pay attention in the first place. With the right balance of content and design, you will be able to create a compelling and powerful slideshow that your audience will find not only interesting but memorable. However, creating such a template is easier said than done. This is because it’s not that easy to create stunning, professional-looking presentations for many presenters. After all, who would want to stay on their desks for extended periods of time poring over slides instead of performing their core competencies or growing their business?

For those who want to take out the hassle and the long periods of time creating beautiful, high-quality presentations, you can go to FPPT.com and download free PowerPoint templates to help you with all your needs.

free PPT Templates
free PPT Templates

Amazing, High-Quality Presentation Templates with Stunning Designs

For anyone who needs to create presentations for various topics or reports on a regular basis, readymade PowerPoint templates can be quite handy. They help you create beautiful presentations that not only clearly communicate your information, but they are also exciting and memorable for your audience too.

Specially designed for PowerPoint, these templates help you always to bring your best foot forward slide after slide. This is because the free PPT templates allow you to make the most out of PowerPoint’s special features, resulting in creative, harmonious, and beautifully laid out slides that will always look professional, whatever your topic may be.

PPT Templates

At the FPPT portal, you can search for your desired templates among thousands available for download for free. These templates can be sorted through according to the defined categories, or by color, theme, and background. Therefore, if you are looking for templates with the black and red background, you can easily find one. If you are looking for Christmas themed ones, you can also sort through dozens with just a few clicks.

Black & Red PPT Template

And because you have at your fingertips a diverse collection of free PowerPoint templates, you can easily create your personal collection. For example, you can create a set of go-to and brand-oriented templates that you can save right to your computer or on the cloud.

power point template

Create a Perfect Balance Between Content and Aesthetics

The free PowerPoint templates from FPPT offer beautifully designed slides that have different layout options. These design options allow you to display data in a variety of ways using creative visuals. These visuals can be in the form of tables, graphs, charts, and SmartArt diagrams.

Building PPT Template

Whenever you choose a template, you can be sure that they also come with a set of complementary visuals. So that will match your theme, making your presentations look polished. And since these visuals are great for displaying otherwise large amounts of information in one simplified form, you have a better chance of keeping your deck straightforward and concise. Your audience will also benefit from this because they can easily understand and remember your presentation.

Still, if you have other preferences than the formats in the template, customization remains easy. You can format the charts or diagrams by changing the effects and the color scheme.


Speaking of customization, there are also many ways to customize each of the slides in the FPPT templates. Many of the templates come with variants, with their color schemes and font styles. There are also templates wherein you can format the backgrounds, or even add your image or pattern.

Further, you can personize your PPT. You can add your company or organization logo and slogan, aside from adding various animations and transitions.


The professional templates at FPPT are ideal for anyone, whether beginner or advanced PowerPoint user. To get you started, you can just visit the FPPT.com portal so you can download presentation templates for free.

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