10 Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives 2019

Ten Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives 2019

Coke and Popcorn was a popular movie and tv shows streaming website back then. Which have got banned and not supported by the developer anymore. Coke and Popcorn was considered once as one of the best sites with frequent updates and new movies and tv shows getting added in standard and high definition.

Coke and Popcorn Shutdown

Perhaps, due to external pressures and legalities, the site got shut down by the developer and he made it clear that the coke and popcorn site won’t be back anymore. Sites related to streaming do face a lot of legalities once they get famous enough to get their product into the eyes of Hollywood productions. Primary reasons were the ability to torrent stream the movies and shows for which the sites won’t own the licenses.

Ten Best Sites Like Coke And Popcorn

There were attempts made by few dev teams to recover the old Coke and Popcorn as a fork to take advantage of the fame that coke and popcorn had and earn some bucks. Though there are few genuine sites and apps which weren’t forks to the original version rather are good alternatives to coke and popcorn which we have covered in the article.

1. Bigstar Movies (Free + Paid)

Bigstar Movies primarily a Roku TV channel developed by BIGSTAR TV Inc, was focused on providing thousands of free movies, documentaries, short films and much more. As we looked through some of the best Bigstar Movies we found that the majority of the content or titles it is providing were the ones apart from typical Hollywood.

If you’re looking for Hollywood content in general then it’s not the right choice for you. You can find very few numbers of Hollywood content which usually the popular ones. You need to subscribe to Big Star Tv cost affordable plan and it would be around $4.99/month. You would get full access to all of their libraries, browse content in HD without any endorsements or advertisements.

It is so amazing that a platform like Bigstar Movies providing you with some of the outstanding features and options to make sure your online content watching experience stay optimal. As we have experienced, from the dashboard they provide the user with a categorized and well-sorted content.

Best Features Of Bigstar TV:

  • Categorized Menus – Menu in the left side is loaded with multiple categories like Award Winning, Most Popular, Recently Added, TV Series, Action, Anime and many more.
  • Free Content – Test their free content to preview their features by just creating a new account.
  • Parental Control – From the settings, one can set up the content they are watching to be sorted out in few ways such as Child Safe, Family Safe, or even Regular content with Adult or Explicit. This setting for sure lets you stay away from explicit and nudity from being watched by your kids.
  • Premium Only – Watch all the content, save videos in different Playlists as you like
  • Support – Bigstar TV Inc is generous to support Android, iOS, Roku and Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Official Links Of Bigstar Free Movies Apps:




2. CartoonCrazy

The name itself provides you an insight into the site and addons for Kodi is all about Cartoons, Anime shows. Cartoon Crazy app or Cartoon Crazy website has a huge source of Anime shows and Cartoon shows to provide. It scrapes high-quality links from various websites and features those kids shows, cartoons, and dubbed anime in genres and categories.

Of course, the site is not for all kinds of people, the site attracts mostly the kids, teens and then the fans, critics who are not bounded with the age slot. The cartooncrazy lists out anime and cartoon movies into categories on their website dashboard so appealingly.

Not a fan of watching other language anime or cartoon shows and movies? Well, the cartooncrazy site got that covered for you. They provide dubbed list of available anime shows and movies crafted especially for you to watch. More than that the site has 3000+ cartoon series and other nitpicked popular shows which are available to stream in high quality.

On the sidebar their exclusive staff picks of shows will be shown which are actually worth watching. The site even provides a chat bar at the bottom of the site. It will let users to chat with other users anonymously and know their tastes and get suggestions on which videos to watch next.

Best Features Of CartoonCrazy Site:

  • No signing and Payments are required
  • The site has an extensive library full of dubbed Anime shows to watch 24/7
  • Can be accessed on Web, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android and more.
  • The dubbed anime movie library and cartoon shows are updated on a daily basis.

Official Links Of CartoonCrazy Website:


3. Rainierland Movies

Rainierland Movies (previously known under the site owner name Rainier Tamayo) is just another successful and popular streaming website which got banned and taken down deliberately under criminal laws. There are few forks available which were led by unknown developers who were influenced well by the original Rainierland Movies dev.

Rainierland Movies only focus on providing better streaming experience, but also won’t lose the focus on providing the quality of content to the users. It is so fascinating to know that this site with huge content almost all of the content being in High Definition, doesn’t charge the user for anything.

Rainierland free movies forks these days are cautiously trying to divert their users to their new independent branded streaming site called FLIXTOR (flixtor.ac). It is possibly the attention to their fork sites get due to the streaming ability which indeed throws them into a potential danger for breaking laws.

Best Features Of Rainierland Movies:

  • Most of the content hosted is in 1080p or higher.
  • The site won’t ask for any payments or card information.
  • Rainierland has major content in its Episodes series and in the movies section.
  • New content gets published every day without halt.

Working And Best Fork Of Rainierland Movies Website:  


4. MovieZion (Movierill.com)

MovieZion is a media collection house of more than 20,000 movies able to stream and a lot of web series and trailers. Perhaps we have noticed while checking for moviezion’s forks, we found out that the original site itself is redirecting to its newer site called Movierill.

Upon looking at its database for any similarities between the redirected site Movierill and the Moviezion, we found it was being run by the same developer. It is so unfortunate that the older version used to have a large content base around 40,000+ movies and others.

It is obvious to believe after keenly looking upon the site have undergone few critical changes due to possible legal issues keeping in mind. However, the developer adds streamable links for newer movies which are also shown under upcoming releases section, Quite interesting dashboard isn’t it?

Best Features Of MoviZion Movies:

  • Yet the older content being removed, the new updates onto the site makes it more attractive to visit the site.
  • Site is using cached versions and you may see newly updated version the webpage within every two or three days.
  • MovieZion site has a feature to request movies and episode series which aren’t available on the site.

Working And Best Fork Of MoviZion or MovieRill Website:  



5. Popcornflix

If you’re wandering on the web to find a source with an extensive library consisting of movies and shows, you should land upon Popcornflix. It hosts links to an array of HD definition content molded in an efficient layout and a well-categorized site structure.

The service of Popcornflix is free for all, you just need to create an account and you’re good to go. The service on the official domain is being provided by Unreel.com who are actually a video streaming service provider with also a few other apps and products under their network. Therefore all of its content must be licensed or either free and open licensed versions. Their library has been growing very rapidly as the user base is growing alongside.

To cater the special needs to their users, Popcornflix has come forward and started providing exclusive content, Popcornflix original content. The interface looks so slick and very easy to watch the required content of your choice and that’s the reason we recommend Popcornflix to be your choice for best coke and popcorn alternative.

Best Features Of Popcornflix Movies:

  • Completely free for all.
  • Easy to watch the content of need
  • Popcornflix offers to stream in HD with a Queue and chat system similar to SoundCloud
  • It provides geolocation based videos to the user with the video details intact

Working Link Of Popcornflix Website:  


6. 123Movies

123Movies is comparatively was a well-known streaming website that was actually ahead of other streaming platforms for a while ago. Due to infringement cases, the site has got dissolved and taken down. Since then the domain name has gone into several changes and has been owned by various developers across the globe trying to pull off some traffic with the popularity that 123Movies had earlier.

Major forks of 123movies like gomovies and 123movieshub have been providing content in a similar interface which the original 123movies was rocking around. Independent of the interface and UI experiences almost all of the 123movies forks tries to just host the links and not the original videos on their servers. Their algorithm is actually quite powerful to pull off or scrape some of the best available HD/Rip content from various media hosting platforms.

Binge watchers and movie fanatics would actually prefer 123movies over other platforms minding few amazing features. Their attractive navigation menu actually sets it easy for a visitor to jump to their genre of choice in Movies and in TV Shows. What actually makes us disappointed after looking upon various 123Movies forks that its their ads which actually trigger every few seconds. Some of those ads lands upon malicious websites which is very irritating.

Best Features Of 123Movies:

  • Free across the globe without any regional restrictions.
  • Content-rich database scraped throughout the web with efficient algorithms
  • 123movies supports major devices and resolutions or formats
  • Movie summary probably scraped from IMDB along with ratings

Working Links Of 123Movies Website:  



7. Tubi Tv (Best To Stream TV Shows)

If you’re relying on the web to find the best streaming website to binge watch TV Shows and episodes you should go with Tubi TV. You would find it surprising to know that this website has been started, funded and licensed by production houses US nationals and is legal to watch movie and shows on this website.

Tubi TV provides more than 12 thousand titles which include movies and tv shows which are licensed from very big movie productions (studios). All you would need an account which is optional but with a free account you get the option to have a queue list. Every title has age restriction details, movie or show genres listed, and subtitles availability which comes in handy.

Drastically over the period of time, Tubi TV organization have developed apps for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, etc. They even claim that they are the largest free service provider to watch movies and tv shows and in contrast, they do have achieved remarkable growth in recent years.

Best Features Of Tubi TV:

  • Largest Free Service to provide movies and shows across the globe with an account.
  • Professional ads roll-ins rather than popups or annoying malware ads
  • Device support is huge, formats are majorly HD
  • Curated playlists along with the sidebar and on the homepage are very handy and nitpicked.

Working Link Of Tubi TV Website:


8. FMovies

We have came a long way following a few movie portals to find a better movies source for consumption and landed here at FMovies. Here at Fmovies, you will be able to explore and download or stream movies in excellent 720p, 1080p quality.

After some observation, we found out that Fmovies was on the verge of a shutdown. As its original domain fmovies.to have got taken down due to copyright claims. The official developers have started to make new clowns day by day alongside trying to add new movies to their database. New features are increasing to have a better viewing experience standard for the visitors.

The site dashboard is very minimal. Most of its categories lie upon the navigation bar on top with a search bar to explore their 15000+ titles. Whereas the bottom UI have miniature boxes of links to the movies and shows that the site has featured based on most popular or watched.

There were occasional issues with the site as the developers tend to extend their proxy sites with different features being developed differently. Few of the forks do have some ads popping up frequently. Apart from these issues, the server itself is having quite a large amount of titles if compared to others. From the footer of the site, you get links to watch regional content mostly are from different countries.

Best Features Of FMovies:

  • Their collection is huge and the site gets regular updates.
  • Most of the forks don’t have annoying ads.
  • There is no need for registration for an account

Working Links Of FMovies Website:






9. Yify.is or YTS

If you’re surfing around the web for finding a better place to get movies at HD quality and also at lowest files size, then your race should end at Yify or YTS website. Yify specializes in h2.6 coded compressing long and HD standard videos at an approximately 700mb file size.

Yify was a very popular website providing HD movies via torrents (peer to peer systems). Due to its unlawful activities, it has got into legal issues and eventually has got taken down by authorities. Unlike other popular website developers, Yify website developer Yiftach Swery has retired from developing any of such websites.

Seen this as opportunity many new forks have come into live and action are still considered to be one of the largest title collections with the original YTS branding. Almost every duplicate site have started providing streaming service along with hosting HD and 3d movies and TV Shows underlined support for subtitles.

The dashboard of YIFY sites is very nominal and sortable. You get options to search their directory from the header, browse their catalog and genres from the menu so easily. Rest of the UI comprises of box styled links to the movies with summary such as ratings, genre, and comments.

Best Features Of YIFY or YTS:

  • Biggest catalog of titles.
  • Formats even supporting 3D content to stream and download
  • Media player supporting importing of subtitles
  • Comment section providing various miniature details of the movies and have discussions.

Working Links Of Yify Website:



10. Crunchyroll

In sharp contrast to Cartoon Crazy site mentioned above, this is a site which specializes in its category for providing Anime, Cartoon, Manga and much more animation videos and titles. Crunchyroll’s content is licensed and provides support for various devices like Roku, Fire TV, Android, iOS etc.

It is so obvious that the sites main target are anime lovers. This service buys out licenses of famous and newest anime, manga, and other animation shows. Then provides the user with a couple of options to stream the videos. One is the free version and the other being a premium one, apart from these plans the Crunchyroll site even rolls out information and news on their blog (a subdomain or directory of their site).

The premium plan has few benefits over a free account, like no ads on the shows, earlier access to new uploads and broadcasts, and access to all of their huge library. As of now, Crunchyroll is offering around 1000 anime titles, around 200 dramas titles, and 50 manga titles.

Crunchyroll is probably on top if the competition if market share is considered. But, it still lacks licenses for some of its shows which results in geo restrictions. They claim that they have so far passed one million subscribers who have bought their premium plan.

Best Features Of Crunchyroll:

  • The largest owner of anime show titles, drama and manga titles.
  • Formats even supporting even Blu-ray, DVD content to stream
  • Around 2 weeks of free trial to their premium version
  • A diversified and active forum for the anime lovers
  • Rich features like adding queues, subtitles and voting system for public rating.

Official Link Of Crunchyroll Website:


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The Bottom Line On Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives

Hope your voyage for finding best coke and popcorn alternatives have got satisfied with the above list. You can rely on our article well enough to go through sites and watch free or premium content at HD standards.

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