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In this era of digital technology, it is nearly impossible for small businesses to make some web presence. The reason behind that every start-up can afford to spend huge money on a website.

I am thankful to all web developers that created plenty of free website builder templates to arm small business owners. These are favorable because of having easy-to-use, responsible, coding-free, and a lot more features.

In 2010, small business was allowed to choose a template only from the top 7 website building platform. But now a lot has changed, here’s an update, a listing of 2017’s top 10 quick website builder templates:


WordPress is a perfect option for small businesses as sometimes they feel upset to hire a web developer. It is the best platform especially for beginners who have no knowledge of how a take a step ahead to succeed in digital presence.

I like it because it comes in a huge collection of free analytics and SEO tools that make it entirely easy to keep capturing your site performances. So you as a newbie can take this advantage free of cost.

IM Creator

IM Creator is a web-based tool that has a drag and drops editor that offers a vast selection of professional-developed web templates that are highly responsive.

Along with offering free website builder templates, it also allows a second-level domain and 50 MB of storage. In fact, IM Creator is considered as an entire makeover for small enterprises as it repeatedly updates the new collection of templates.

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WebStarts is another established quick website builder and quite comfortable for those who have a little knowledge of coding. It is highly preferred as it has a vast collection of attractive layouts, and its design interface is undoubtedly simple-to-use.

I am recommending it as it offers a free version comprises of 10 MB of storage for a 5-page website. Furthermore, if you are dealing with a large business or expecting to expand then pick up a WebStart’s premium plan.


Vong is a simple and quick website builder that directs you a way to succeed in an online presence within some time. It has a range of great design templates that can assist to inspire you when building your website.

Along with offering a free blogging platform, it also permits a free lifetime hosting, enough storage space, and more than one editor to supervise the website.


Emyspot ensures a rapid solution to small businesses. Here you can freely enjoy no page limit, unlimited bandwidth, and 250 MB of storage.

By selecting my spot, you can further enjoy the user-friendly website construction platform as all its templates are highly responsible. So you can confidently pick up anyone.


400;”>Webs permit an easy-to-use interface and are enormously famous as it offers to users the hundreds of free appealing design templates to choose from.

As an ideal website builder platform, it further offers an unexcelled level of SEO functionality. It’s built-in search indicators can assist you to drag your new website to some high level.


MotoCMS is the top-notch platform permitting to freely add any appealing and responsive website builder template to your new and existing website. I have a good experience as I have used it many times for completing my SEO projects.

Please don’t only focus on its price as compared with others. In fact, you will be served more than the cost you pay. Go for it and enjoy a new experience.


Moonfruit is another amazing website builder platform with a vast array of appealing templates. Here you will enjoy a free package includes 1 GB bandwidth, 20 MB of storage, and one website with a maximum of fifteen pages on a second-level domain.

It is the best one as you will facilitate everything from commencing to end.


craft is a believable website builder template permitting you to construct your website for free.  Not so experienced platform till now or as a newbie but you can trust it as allows for establishing the SEO-friendly website.

I am impressed, as it offers its premium plan at an affordable price i.e. $8.00 per month.


Wow, my favorite one. Yola is a popular quick website builder that supports the most to the small business entrepreneurs. As all of its templates are coding-free, so you can enjoy everything at your fingertips.

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One more advantage of this amazing website builder template is it offers a monthly plan of just $4.16.

Hiring a web developer is not a bad idea. But if you can’t afford or have good in build skills, so why depends on others in return for the huge cost. Let’s wake up and enjoy the vast collection of different website builder templates.  

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