10 things to think before starting a YouTube channel

YouTube channel

YouTube is a good platform to start progress from. The reach of YouTube on a regular day basis is highest. and a lot of videos get published regularly on each and every second.

Not only in your own country you work is also visible overseas. To a video of throwing a pin, to Bollywood or Hollywood Movies, each and every video is available on YouTube.

If you are thinking to make and start a YouTube channel you should be aware of the fact that I will tell you, you need not worry about from where to start and what to publish, neither you worry about how much progress you will make. Once you start a channel on YouTube you will yourself get audience and viewers. But you need to be focused on the beforehand work, i.e.

What you need to know before starting a YouTube Channel. So let’s talk about it.

When we talk about starting a YouTube channel of our own, we really need to make it clear to ourselves that,

Why do you need a YouTube channel?

Your YouTube channel is your own private place where you can upload the content or videos that you make, but what is the relevance for you. What will you do after making a YouTube channel? Will it even fetch you some gains or you will be happy with just uploading a content that even do not have an audience? You could take it your time pass thing. But investing your creativeness and energy on a silly thing, will you be ready to face the truths that you are unaware of.Your answer may go like this, “I want to make a channel to progress and make money”, or “I want to be famous and go viral over the internet”. Things make seems quite easy, but to be practically thinking, your investment will be a waste if you are not defined. You really need to work hard in a specific way so to not face disappointment later. Making money on YouTube is as difficult as simple you think.

You started a new channel and now want to make a new content, but your last video published was about food and eating habits, What will you make a new video is a question.

You can shift from food to health-related topics, or to vehicles or to any other topics. But will it be hygienic, your page will look like a mess and your audience will be distracted from you finding it an un-regulated page. So, you need to decide earlier what topics you will be publishing.

Publishing decided topic videos will make your audience more often visiting your page. They will have a knowledge of what next video you may publish. You need to stick to one topic only.

Most of the new YouTubers do a really big mistake, is that they think of topics that they find interesting and money making, not the topic that will hold and attract a lot of attention. Here, you need to focus on What you are actually interested in?

Your own happiness and interest matter more than what others think about you.

Your work will only be recognized if you do it with perfection and full interest. It is said when you do a work that you are interested in, you do it passionately and perfection will on itself add up to your work. So, do work that you are interested in, and not for money making. Your topics should reflect your interest and your work show up your perfection.

You are a youngster and want to get fame, but the work you published is too old-fashioned or for adults, and that too for a specific kind of people in society, maybe working class, or business etc. think of it again, will you gain the audience that you have ever thought of? Will your audience be regular on your channel and see your content?

This is the situation where you need to Define Your Audience. Defining audience means you need to think of what your work is for, to whom your video must consider. If you are a youngster or a teenager, making adult content, you may lack the real focus of people you may have gained.

If your channel is for adults or old-aged people, then your content should be of their interest and focus.

You have to grab the Knowledge of your opponents, your channel is not the only channel serving the interest of the same topic. Other YouTubers are in the competition and they already have the audience that you want.

You need to research more keywords that will show up your components.

They may be delivering same topics as yours but this doesn’t mean you cannot make content on the same topic. You can even collaborate later on with them to work.

Have regular intervals of Uploading videos

Now you have a specific content and have uploaded a video. But you are quite lazy to upload another, this is where you could lack your audience’s interests. Your audience expects your video in a period of time. If you have uploaded a video earlier on a specific date, you should get next video uploaded on the same day.

Focusing majorly on What Equipments you should use when making a video, is not a big deal. You need not worry about equipment, rather making a video is not a big task. A simple mobile camera is nowadays capable of giving viral content.

And if you focus on buying high priced equipment at the beginning of the channel to make a video, you could face loss.

No denying the fact, to make an enjoying an interesting video you need to have all equipment used for making a video that could cater more audience and views. You should spend some money on purchasing microphones as they’re the most important element of making a video. Depending on what sort of videos you’ll make, you can purchase podcast, youtube or voice over microphones.

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You will also need audio and video editing software. For audio, you can use Audacity, and for the video, you can download windows movie maker or film.

To make a video you need to be a real Understanding and Patience. You may have to do work overnight, or under bright sunlight. This may exhaust you but you need to be patient at the time, so you may not mess up things.

Time and Promotion is an important asset and how much time are you giving to your work and YouTube matters a lot. If you are a college goer or office worker. You have a deficiency of time, but still, you want to make a video then you have to work overtime and even on holidays or weekends.

You need to focus on promotion too, your work by itself will not reach to others, rather you have to make a move and visit different social media platform to promote your work. Like Facebook and Instagram, these are a majorly used platform that YouTubers upload their work on to promote themselves.

Now what we should talk about how you could make money from YouTube.

Monetization your content and earning profits from YouTube videos is difficult nowadays.

As per 2016 YouTube views, average revenue was $1.50. In 2017 the rates have even fallen down. So, don’t be in a misconception that you will make money through YouTube videos.

What else you can do to earn is:
– Public Speaking
– Sell merchandise
– Donations
– Product Promotions

So, making a YouTube video is not as hard as many thinks, but it is not even easy to make a video. The efforts that you put in will fruit you.

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