3 Things to Expect form the Upcoming iPhone

iPhones have been the topic of interest since forever and with September coming closer with every date, rumors about the next iPhone’s specifications, designs, etc. are surfacing all over the internet. Apple has faced a downfall in its mobile sales since the launch of the iPhone 6s which broke many hearts and faced criticism from the experts as well.

The phone didn’t have anything exciting to offer other than the 4k, live videos, and the 3D touch which has been in existence in Android since the very beginning. The design of the phone was exactly the same as the iPhone 6 which was another disappointing thing from Apple.

Regardless, Apple is planning to excite its customers by adding some new technology and design concepts to the upcoming iPhone as the news on the internet suggests.

Tim Cook’s recent statement saying ‘people will think, how did they live without using these features so far’ has surely given great hopes to people. As we said earlier there are a lot of rumors surfacing the net and we have listed a few of them that might just be true.

The dual camera and flash

Images have been surfacing over the net that shows the next iPhone having the dual camera set up at the back. This can be expected as many other brands are going on with the dual camera setting and with the 4k video recording last year, people think this is very much achievable.

Along with the images of a dual camera, the design is shown which is rather similar to the iPhone 6 & 6s, and here is when the doubts come ahead. If you have been following the iPhone’s launch trends for the past 4-5 years, Apple comes with a new design with every new digit phone like the iPhone 4, 5, 6.

The Full-screen Display

We all have been expecting this from Apple for a long time and look like the next to the next iPhone might feature this thing. The iPhone 7 isn’t even out yet and people are making assumptions about the iPhone 7s/8. The upcoming iPhone 7s as it seems will feature a full-screen display with the touch id and camera, sensors hiding behind the display itself. If this comes out to be true then Apple might reach new heights with the phone and generate more sales than ever.

Water and dustproof

Ever since the launch of the 5s people were expecting this feature to be a part of the iPhone 6 than the iPhone 6s and now things have gone to the iPhone 7. But it might come to some of you as a surprise but rumors around the net say that Apple has been doing a test for waterproof and dustproof technology and the next iPhone might give you the freedom to take photos beneath the water and use your phone without back covers.

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Besides these, there are also claims that the next iPhone will not have the traditional 3.5 mm jacks and there will be options for wireless earphones instead. Another story says that you will be able to connect to Android devices over Bluetooth, the file transfer will be made easy and wireless charging might be finally adopted by Apple. Rumors are leaks in a way but you can’t rely on them, we’ll have to see this by ourselves.

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