4 Common Types Of CCTV Cameras You Can Use

Types Of CCTV Cameras

The purpose of a CCTV camera or a “closed-circuit television” is an important factor in ensuring one’s security. When you’re interested in purchasing one or a few, click this to read up on the details. There are a few different types on the market made for specific reasons and settings. If you buy the wrong one you may not be able to return it or get a refund so read up before you make any of those mistakes.

There is nothing like a camera sticking out like a sore thumb in the middle of a room enough to make anyone feel uncomfortable. This is why we have put this article together to help you out in choosing the right piece of the unit for the purpose and space you want it for.


Let’s jump in and look at 4 different common kinds of CCTV cameras and what they can be used for.

Dome Cameras

If you are looking for something neat and tidy, this could be a good option due to its dome-shaped camera casing. The camera itself is neatly tucked away inside this casing. This casing has a purpose of not being too obvious regarding the direction the camera is pointing. Typically used in companies, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and most security settings to avoid vandals and thieves from stealing or damaging structures and items.

The plus points of these are the design, the suitability for any environments outdoor and indoor, the damage-resistant camera, and the 360-rotation that covers all sides and angles.

PTZ Cameras

The PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom camera. Used for security and recording with the camera lens that can pan left and right or tilt up and down too. If you have a live video feed to monitor on any given site, this would the ideal option.

Commonly used for remote viewing like in parking lots, parks, outside business premises, in corridors, and museums too. It detects moving objects easily and can be programmed to automatically point in a certain direction instead of being remote-controlled the entire time.

The plus points are the optical zoom capabilities on it, so you can close in on a person or object, also provides a 360 field of vision with the pan and tilt function, with a high image resolution you won’t miss the details, it can react to live situations and you can record live feed.

Common Types Of CCTV Cameras

C-Mount CCTV Cameras

Ever walked down a street and looked up to see a camera with a long face? The lens can be detached to be fitted in any other direction and they can monitor both short and long distances. These are however slightly bulkier than the others, so be careful where you want to install them. Commonly placed on top of poles and high rises like this one here https://www.safety.com/security-camera-installation/. They are used to deter any criminal activity such as stealing cars, or machinery from sites.

The plus point of these is that they have a special lens that is fitted to the camera that can extend beyond a range of 40 feet. Because it is bigger than most, it can be seen from miles which is the idea so it can deter criminals. The covering is rugged so it can be used in any weather and environment, so this weatherproofing makes it ideal for any outdoor setting.

A lot of the various logistics and utility industries use these cameras, and any place that deals with extreme temperatures can use them too.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

This cylindrical shaped camera is aptly called 2bullet” cameras because they are designed to look like them, they are long, and narrow and stick out of any surface like a mounting pole or a wall. Commonly used in an outdoor setting, these are weather resistant and don’t get dirty easily, as they are dirt, water, and dust resistant.

For the same reason, hidden security cameras are installed in a variety of different businesses and industries including farming, property, and wholesale or retail stores as well. They are cute so they fit into any small space and can record high-quality images and video they can also send out an alert to you if any passerby is on your premises or detected within the surveillance range. Considered one of the best ones for outside surveillance.

The plus point is that they provide surveillance over long distances and the casing protects the camera from rain and sun glare. They are also very visible so they may deter anyone from partaking in any criminal activity.

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