4 Useful Tech Skills Everyone Should Know

Tech Skills

Once, knowing about ‘tech’ was something that only those in the computer industry (or people who were particularly interested in computing) knew about. They were really the only people who needed to know, too. However, times have changed and today it is important for everyone – no matter what industry you are in or what tech skills you might already have – to understand a little more about computing, digital security, and coding languages. Here are some of the most useful tech skills you might need to know, so see how they can work to help in your own life, or at work.

Secure Your Wireless Connection

Working on an unsecure wireless connection is a bad idea. At the very least, others might be ‘piggybacking’ on your Wi-Fi, which you are paying for, and getting access to the internet for free. At the other end of the scale, unscrupulous data thieves and hackers might be jumping onto your connection and downloading all of the information you would rather keep safe, such as bank account numbers, or customer details like names and addresses.

Learning how to secure your wireless connection is a very necessary piece of technical knowledge to have, and it’s a simple way to start as well.

Use The Cloud

You may already be using the Cloud and not even really be aware of it, but having a good understanding of at least what it does and how it works is important in most people’s lives. Backing information up is something that both individuals and businesses need to do on a regular basis just in case somewhere to happen to the hardware, or there was a hack and everything was lost.

For security, you need to back up to the cloud, so it’s crucial to learn how to do this. Using an app such as Dropbox will make this easy for you – when you are uploading to this, you are effectively using the Cloud. You can then download your documents to a device no matter where you are.

Understand PCBs

Understanding how PCBs (circuit boards) work is a useful piece of knowledge that more people should know about. Once you understand the basics, you could take it one step further and start to design your own circuit boards in the future. To find out more, you can take a look at the useful information that Altium offers, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding not just of what a circuit board like this does, but of how you can work on them should you need to.

Having this knowledge means that, should you need to make any repairs to computing equipment, for example, within your home or organization, you can do so yourself. You’ll save time and money this way, and, once you have the knowledge, you can even help others out.

Keyboard Shortcuts

No matter how proficient a typist you might be, any additional information you can learn will always make things quicker and more efficient for you when it comes to typing up reports, emails, or letters.

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Chrome Flags

Keyboard shortcuts are extremely useful, and can save a lot of time. Eventually you will tap them without even thinking about, and you’ll shave minutes off your day’s work. The most used are probably CTRL-V (paste), CTRL-C (copy), and CTRL-Backspace (deletes the entire word before) but there are many others, and which ones you choose to learn will depend on what work you are doing and what you need from your laptop.

When the world is on their computers, we all need to become more tech-savvy, both for our everyday lives and our careers.

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