4 Ways to Prevent Click Fraud

Using Sampling Beats Click Fraud

The digital age has brought with it all kinds of fabulous tools, advantages, and benefits for businesses. It has allowed them to expand their reach in ways unimagined before the digital age took off. Today the physical location of a business no longer has to dictate a business’s customer base, as so many companies have moved to an online presence – in some cases that online presence has even replaced the physical presence. 

But just as there have been so many advantages and benefits, the digital age has also opened the door to a variety of issues and threats that businesses are faced to combat on a daily basis. One of those is click fraud, which happens when PPC (pay-per-click) ads are fraudulently clicked on for the purpose of using up a company’s strict advertising budget or increasing an ad’s revenue. Click fraud can be especially frustrating for small businesses on a limited budget as they can’t afford to have their budgets eaten up by illegal practices. So what can you do about it?

Here’s a look at four ways you can prevent click fraud from happening to your business.

Start Looking Into the Competition

A great place to start is to look into what your competition is up to. Did you know that they may be the ones responsible for clicking on your ads fraudulently? The competition could in fact be responsible for costing your business money. 

There are tools you can use that will let you know if this is happening, and even alert you when it does. Monitoring what the competition is doing should be an on-going practice.

Monitor Ad Campaigns

It’s also very important that any time you run a PPC ad campaign you do a good job of monitoring it. Doing so will highlight the pros and cons of the campaign and allow you to make adjustments whenever necessary.

Be Picky About Where Ads are Placed

Rather than just creating a blanket ad that runs in multiple countries, it’s a good idea to take a more targeted approach. Be mindful of the content of the ad and how it will be received in the country you run it in. Some markets have a higher instance of click fraud; these are the ones you may want to skip.

The same can be said for the individual websites you choose to place your ads on. You want to be sure they are trustworthy and high-quality as this will dictate who clicks on your ads.

Embrace Click Fraud Software

Perhaps you’re familiar with the debate of PPC Protect vs ClickCease, two popular click fraud tools, but they aren’t the only ones on the market. 

Features such as click tagging, real-time blocking, automated placement exclusives, and flexible, customizable rules are all features that ClickGUARD offers to customers, making it a well-rounded option. You want software that is able to meet your needs and even exceed them so that your odds of eliminating click fraud increase. That decision should take more into account than just PPC Protect vs ClickCease.

Rather than fall victim to click fraud, keep these tips in mind.

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