5 Black Hat SEO Techniques That’ll Ruin Your All Your SEO Efforts

black hat seo techniques

You create tons of great content for your website. You think you are implementing good SEO practices which will increase your website’s ranking in SERPs. But still, your traffic is low.

So, what are you doing wrong? You could be using black hat SEO techniques without even realizing you are.

Good SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) techniques are changing all the time. What used to be the industry standard is now damaging your website’s authority.

This is a list of black hat SEO techniques so you know what to avoid.

1.Paid Spammy Backlinks

This is one of the most common black hat SEO techniques that many companies and bloggers still use. They pay spammy websites to link back to their content.

The main reason website owners do this is because backlinks are such an important ranking factor for Google’s SERPs.

15 years ago, any backlink was a positive ranking factor. But today, only backlinks from high authority, relevant websites are valuable.

Backlinks from websites from low-authority websites are worthless. It is a black hat SEO technique that can also damage your website’s reputation.

2.Keyword Stuffing

Let’s say you want to write a blog post on spring floral arrangements and this is your keyword phrase. If you wrote the post using keyword stuffing, it may look like this:

Spring floral arrangements are the perfect floral arrangements for this time of year. If you are looking for spring floral arrangements, this article will explain the best spring floral arrangements. These spring floral arrangements are ideal for everyone.

Again, keyword stuffing is one of the examples of black hat SEO that may have worked 15 years ago. But today, Google prioritizes content that people gain value from, not robots.

3.Invisible Text

Using invisible text might seem too ridiculous to be a real black hat SEO technique. It is an extension of keyword stuffing with an extra layer of absurdity.

This technique is when website owners write a list of keyword phrases and change the text color so it blends in with the background of the webpage. That way, Google’s crawlers can see the text but not the viewer.

Like keyword phrases, search engines are wise to this method and it does not work.


This is one of the top black hat SEO techniques by dubious agencies because it requires some tech knowledge. Visit ducktoes.com for an example of a good SEO agency which only uses white hat techniques.

This is when webmasters disguise the real IP address of the website so Google thinks it is a high-authority webpage. But in reality, it is low authority.

Like all black hat SEO techniques, search engines take serious action against all users of this method. They will deindex your content or it will not rank.

5.Spreading Negative SEO

Sending spammy links, posting tons of bad reviews, and posting spam comments on other websites. This is negative SEO and it is one of the new black hat techniques of SEO. These are tricks some companies use to harm their competitors.

Because it is a new technique, Google and other review sites like TripAdvisor are still working on ways to combat it. But they soon will. And not only is it a black hat SEO technique, but it is also plain mean.

Your efforts would be better spent making your own content better.

Avoid These Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO techniques can be tempting because they offer quick fixes, but your website will suffer in the long run. Focus on white hat techniques and building your authority over time.

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About the Author: Mithilesh Chaubey

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