5 Options When Dealing With Cracked Phone Screens

cracked phone screens

Has your phone ever slipped from your hand, landing on the ground with a resounding thud? Does your heartbeat race as you pick it up, not knowing the kind of damage you’re going to find? Well, you aren’t alone.

The average person drops their phone several times a week, and most people admit to being fearful of dropping their phone.

That’s because a single drop can leave some pretty heavy damage behind. Cracked phone screens can be an expensive fix. Thankfully, this article will explain the options for how to fix a phone with a cracked screen.


Some phone companies, such as Verizon and AT&T among others, offer phone upgrades. Generally, these upgrades are available for customers that dedicate company loyalty by sticking with a specific phone provider for an extended time. Customers qualify for upgrades after a certain number of months, once their starter phone payment is fully repaid, or toward the end of their phone contract.

However, most customers that redeem their upgrades are then asked to extend their contract with a given provider.

If a customer isn’t near their upgrade date, some companies allow for upgrades with additional fees.

2.Replacing Cracked Phone Screens

Some prefer to fix a phone vs buying a new phone or waiting on an upgrade because it is less expensive.

Plenty of phone providers and tech companies offer screen repair services. Unfortunately, the cost of the repair depends on the severity of the damage. Additionally, if the phone that needs fixing is an older generation, the cost of the fix may not be worth it.

A screen repair may extend the life of a phone by a couple of months or a year, but eventually, the tech will wear out and the owner will be forced to buy a replacement phone regardless.

3.Seeking Out Used Phones

For those wondering how to get cheap smartphones as a way to fix cracked phone screens, the answer is purchasing used phones.

Used smartphones are low-cost smartphones because they are often older generation models that are in good condition. The owners likely received a newer phone model and are looking to make some extra cash by selling off their old phone. Unfortunately, many are wary of buying used phones.

Thankfully, certain companies, such as certifiedcell.com, inspect used phones before they are sold to ensure there is no existing damage or bugs.

A final consideration for anyone buying used vs new smartphones is compromising the newest most updated tech for a smaller price tag.

4.Screen Repair Kits

Another option to fix a cracked phone screen is buying a screen repair kit. These kits often come with all of the tools necessary, as well as a tutorial, for how to fix a phone screen. Depending on the kit, this may be a less costly option than paying someone else for the repair or otherwise replacing a phone.

However, these kits are strongly recommended for tech-savvy individuals.

5.DIY Methods

Toothpaste, nail polish, and vegetable oil are all household items that claim to enhance phone display. However, they are best used sparingly, and often to remove or hide small scratches rather than repair severe cracks.

Packing tape can also serve a phone owner well if they need their phone to hold on until they’re eligible for an upgrade or find the funds to replace their phone.

Phone by Phone Basis

There are several options for anyone trying to fix their cracked phone screens. However, the best solutions depend on the phone in question. For more severe cracks, I would recommend professional screen repair services or replacement via new or used phones.

Another helpful tip in the meantime is to invest in a sturdy case, which will protect a phone and prevent cracks.

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