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Mobile phones are the most important gadget nowadays. Life nowadays is mostly dependant and driven with the help of these handheld gadgets. What if your mobile phone goes off at the peak of its need? Nothing could be worse than being at a social gathering and your smartphone’s battery runs out. Despite technological innovation, there is no solution. But, there is another backup plan offered to consumers and that is known as a power bank.

The power bank is the best device to charge your mobile phone battery while on the go and anywhere out. These portable battery packs are the best devices to keep your smartphone battery going for longer spans of time. However, there are certain precautions about buying a battery pack for your mobile device. Here we are sharing top 10 power banks available in the market according to different specs and demands.

BestPower Banks

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  1. NOVOO AC Power Bank

Number one on our list is Novoo AC power bank. This multi-capacity battery pack can power a plethora of technologies. Novoo power bank has the capacity to charge your smartphones, laptops, tablets and other similar devices. The capacity of 20,100 mAh and 72.36Wh makes is a suitable device to charge any of your portable gadgets. Moreover, the power bank has the capacity to charge multiple devices at a time. At the singletime you can charge any 3 devices. Novoo battery pack has the most portable and easy to carry design.Its portable design makes it fairly easy to be taken anywhere.

  1. Mophie plus XL:

The second place on our list is captured by a battery pack from Mophie. Power Station XL is equipped with the latest technologies and can provide longer charging times. Also, the power station offers a great look and appeal with the most portable design ever. You can easily take this power bank out with you anywhere and anytime. Power Station XL has won many of the recommendations from the companies or independent web properties. It comes with a handful of accessories that include a charging cable, Micro USB adapters, and a secondary port to charge other devices simultaneously.

  1. Anker Power Core:

The top 3rd position is awarded to Anker Power Core due to its extremelyfast charging and highly portable design. It carries a very little space and can easily fit in your glove box. The battery pack offers two USB charging ports that keep your handheld gadgets charged while you are on the road. It is a perfect power solution to keep in rugged solution due to its rugged body. The power bank also comes with a flashlight. All in all, this power bank from Anker has all to be counted at a numberon our list. And if you are in need of power station in your car, Power Core is worth the money.

  1. PowerBar:

This power bank from Jackery completely compliments its name. JackeryPowerBaris the handiest solution to charge any type of laptops. Whether your laptop is a new generation type-c model or an older one, PowerBar can offer full or near full charge for most of the laptops. Not only it keeps your laptops charged on the road but with multiple ports offerto charge support for other devices as well. It comes with a USB type –c port and two other standard ports, one of which supports the quick charge. So, you can keep multiple devices charged.

  1. ZeroLemon Tough Juice:

If you are in search of a power bank that can withstand your tough usage, ToughJuice is the perfect choice for any of your devices. The device has to offer a plethora of charging ports including a USB Type-c as well as standard ports as well. It offers in total 5 ports, so you can charge multiple devices at once. The power bank goes on to win the maximum power awards by independent testers. However, it scores lower when comes to recharging itself or other devices. Still, if you are in look for a rugged power bank with maximum power, ToughJuice is a go-to one.

  1. Goal zero Venture 30:

Goal Zero is the experts at offering devices that can withstand the hardships of any weather. If you are more of an outdoor or traveling person, Venture 30 power bank is your need. It is built with durable material that can perform better in worse weather conditions. On the other hand, it is equipped with a power capacity to charge smartphones multiple times in a row. Moreover, it offers connectivity with Goal Zero’s solar panels, so you can enjoy more freedom charging your devices.

  1. Belkin portable charger:

The specialty of Belkin portable charger is that it comes with charging support for Apple watch. If you are an Apple geek and have a lot of Apple devices, this one’s for you. But, at the same time, it can charge any other smart device from any vendor just like a normal power bank. However, it is the perfect device for Apple users and mostly for Apple watch users.

  1. Jackery Bolt:

Jackery Bolt is a mid-level power bank. Which means it is not so efficient at charging devices multiple times. However, you can easily charge your smartphone 2-3 times with this power bank. Another notable feature is that it’s extremely portable. So, if you are a person who has to go outside for short intervals, Jackery Bolt is the device for you. It comes with a USB port and lightning connectors. Also, users need not take extra cables.

  1. Mophie Charge force:

Mophie is a leading company in power bank manufacturing. It offers a plethora of devices for each group of users. Mophiechargeforce is a device made for anyone. It is packed with most advanced features such as Qi wireless charging. So, if you are an iPhone geek or anyone who fancies advanced features, ChargeForce is for you. Offering a 12,000 mAh battery, it can keep your devices multiple times.

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