Get the Best Access Control and Security Company

Best Access Control and Security Company

Access controls are intended to allow only authorized persons in and keep unauthorized persons out. This means only appropriate personnel are granted permission to enter a building or office or certain parts of it. This is to protect the sensitive areas of your building or office from untoward activities that may breach and jeopardize its privacy or confidentiality. Technically it is a way of protecting your facility, the people, and your assets – click here to learn more about it.

Understanding the basic principles of security is where you begin to come up with effective security measures.  Just by going through the actions of implementing a set of procedures set in memory is not enough security today. IT security is fast evolving and knowing how to do the actions set in memory is necessary because accepting practices is not enough to ensure the best security.

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Best Access Control and Security Company

One of the most basic concepts of security is what we call access control. It applies to all security or any security type.  In this concept, everything is protected, from into your house to launching a massive nuclear assault, at least theoretically that is. Since it is universally applicable, it is one of the easiest to understand.

3 Core Elements

Identification: It must have a way of identifying an individual entering any area that protection was set for.

Authentication: After the system has identified the individual, the next process is to authenticate the identity to ensure that the right individual is allowed and granted the necessary permission. This process may involve passwords that are linked to a username, fingerprint validation, smartcards, encrypted keys, eyeball scanning, etc.

Authorization: When an individual has been identified and identity is confirmed and authenticated, access is granted and passage is allowed.

All these three elements combine to provide the needed protection; they cannot be bypassed. But depending on the kind of security you need, the different levels of protection may also vary. For example, the boardroom may only require a key that is kept in a box at the receptionist’s or secretary’s desk. However, entry to the main servers will probably require more than just a key,one would need authorized personnel to open the door using the key.

Whichever level of security you need, it is always best that you consult the experts. To make searching for the right providers much easier, you can research and browse the internet. Look for websites of companies catering to access control and security services like Their team of experts will assess your needs, as this will be discussed with you, and they will provide good suggestions based on the account of your needs.

Types of Access Control Systems

Intruder Detection: This type will consist of motion detectors and alarms that will alert you when an intruder is detected. The system can be installed in outside as well as inside your homes or buildings.

Gate Entry: This enables monitoring of movements of people inside and outside your premises. Every individual is given an appropriate clearance when they enter the building. The same clearance will be used to allow them in specific areas so their movements at all times wherever they go until they leave the building.

Biometrics: A biometric reader is suited for high security to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed to enter your premises or building. It works by scanning the unique features of individuals, for example, fingerprints or iris of individuals who were given the required pass.

CCTV Cameras: This is suited for high interest security places to provide a recorded visual of every movement. These cameras offer high-def images that can be helpful in facial recognition, plate number recognition, and other monitoring functions.

Benefits From Access Control Systems

  1. Detection and Prevention of Intrusion – There are many forms of intrusion and it includes visitors or employees who have intention to make an unauthorized entry to areas that are restricted and/or only specific personnel are allowed, or posers who may be trying to gain access and infiltrate the premises or simply visitors who may possibly lose their way around the premises or facility and whose safety may be put to risk.
  2. Industrial Safety – Keeping unauthorized individuals away from the areas or places can prevent untoward accidents from happening. Also, the number of people who are able to access hazardous areas, for example, can be controlled.
  3. Block Criminal ActivityBurglary, arson, vandalism, and robbery can be prevented with the right use of these control systems. CCTV cameras are means of preventing these crimes from happening or if unfortunately, it does, perpetrators can easily be traced and arrested with the help of the recorded videos. The presence of CCTV cameras alone will already prevent burglars or robbers to be in the vicinity.

In choosing which company to contract service with, make sure to consider all factors such as the nature of your business, your internal security procedures, number of people who will be using the system, location of business, etc. all these information are vital for your contractors to devise and provide the security best suited to your need.

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