Adobe Creative Cloud: What’s Included for Students?

Adobe Creative Cloud

Students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and employees may still be using their Adobe Creative Suite software because they want to save more, or they are unsure of moving to the cloud. You can read more about Adobe on this site here. However, if you are still hesitating on why you should consider changing to the Adobe Creative Cloud, there are a lot of benefits that you may consider.

Some features will make your life easier, and you could do more with less. Here are some of the features that you may want to know about, especially if you are a student.

What Features to Look Forward to

What Features to Look Forward to

  1. Install on Many Devices

For students who are avid photographers and want to make their projects look better, they can install the cloud to any other device that they own. Previously, the old version of the Adobe Suite Software is only limited to one PC. Now, you can use many devices that you love, and you can switch your work from one computer to another while retaining your data.

For students, you can combine posters, social collages, and flyers with photoshop. If you want to create documentaries, short films, and other high-quality videos, there’s the Premier Pro that will suit your needs. The list of options are endless, and you can know more about this on sites like for freebies and more information. Be sure not to miss any offers and discounts if you receive one from Adobe so you can get more for less.

  1. Take Advantage of Newer Features Straight Away

You may have considered investing in a new phone model only for a newer one to get released in the next month. The good news is that you won’t have to experience this with the Creative Cloud, as the apps will be available to you once the developers release a new version.

You can get alerts to install the new features and software while tutorials are added within the apps. Replace the old ones and learn a more efficient way of working with your projects and assignments. Even if you don’t do the auto-update feature, rest assured that you will never miss the latest cutting-edge tools with the cloud.

  1. Work and Finish your Project Anywhere with Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Some students may find it cumbersome to carry a hard drive or USB around. Sometimes, emailing files that are too big won’t simply work. If you can relate to this dilemma, you won’t have to store your videos on one computer and carry it around. You can work on the laptop of your roommate or brother, and you can access the project that you’re working on.

You just have to save the work that you’re doing within the apps. Start by choosing File, Save, and click the Creative Cloud option. Learn how to back-up your files, and you won’t have to worry about losing them any longer. To open the files on the internet, you can go to the app, then choose File, Open, and click the Creative Cloud option. Everything takes about a minute to do, and the convenience that you’ll get is priceless.

The enterprise version can offer you up to 1 TB storage, so you may want to check that out. You can send a link to your team, which can help you a lot, especially if you are working on a thesis or a group presentation. Everyone can view and add to what you’re working on even if your other members are not there with you physically.

  1. Adobe Font Access

Although there’s a lot of websites that are offering free fonts, you wouldn’t want to get something from a questionable source. With the Fonts, you are assured that you are using thousands of font styles from the right resources, and your PC will be spam-free. You can cut down your search time for beautiful fonts and get all the letters available on the app.

You can browse a lot of options online, and you just have to click the Creative Cloud to get started. Several filters like sans serif with style, weight, and other properties are yours to customize. If you find a design that you love, you can always click the “activate” font so that you can use this on your other devices and get a uniform output. When you hop back over the files after classes, rest assured that your chosen font will still be present and waiting for you.

  1. Libraries will Save you Time

If you’ve previously visited a few websites to browse for pictures, videos, brushes, clips, icons, themes, and more, you can be more efficient today with the help of the Creative Cloud Libraries. This is a curated version of several assets on the internet, and you can choose from many collections from the experts.

You may have a social event coming up, or you wanted to promote your class’s programs. If so, you can find templates and media that can save you big time.

In one of the apps, open the library and drag items to what you’re working on. Select the colors of the brand and drop them to your work. Some of the apps with libraries include Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Animate, and Muse.

Why are they Worth Subscribing To?

The world today is different, and a lot of programs and apps are becoming subscription-based. You can see movie streaming applications, Microsoft, accounting software, music apps, and more that utilize cloud technologies.

What you need are modern tools to meet the expectations of your professors. As a student, it is understandable to graduate with high honors, and this can be achieved by submitting a high-quality project that’s worth an A+. You can also keep up with your team, and everyone can contribute in one way or another, even if you are all in different locations.

Outdated apps will not work today, and they will only be limited to a single device. If you decide to upgrade your computer, you can get Creative Cloud to preserve your work and make sure that you continue where you left for a smoother transition.

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