All About Your Site: 4 Things You Should Know About Dedicated Servers

dedicated servers

You know that servers are fickle pieces of machinery that require maintenance and care to keep them (and your organization going).

They’re also expensive to have in-house. The average server consumes enough power to cost $731 a year just for power. That doesn’t include the staff time to maintain the server and to purchase or lease it.

Do you need to outsource to a company that manages dedicated servers? You might be hesitant to, but you’re really missing out on some of the major benefits that dedicated servers offer.

Keep reading to learn what they are.

1.Increase Speed and Productivity

What is a dedicated server? It’s a server that is dedicated to your company and your company alone. These are usually used for networks and website hosting.

How do dedicated servers speed things up for your business? With a dedicated server, you don’t have anyone else using the same server for their website and data.

If someone else on a server has an increase in traffic, you would experience a loss in resources. That slows everything down. Your employees are less productive, and consumers will abandon your website because they don’t want to wait for it to load.

2.Secure Data

Security matters more and more to small business owners and IT professionals. The good news is that a dedicated server makes your data more secure.

You have your own IP address, and since you don’t share resources with another company, your data isn’t subject to a malware injection that targets another site.

3.Configuration and Control

You know that you can do your best work when you have complete control over the server. That’s one of the advantages of having everything in-house.

Dedicated servers often have some configuration issues, but you can bypass them with a custom dedicated server that’s built according to your needs, which you can see here.

Even if the dedicated servers are off-site, you still have a high degree of control over the server. That type of access is limited with shared servers because so many others are on the same machine.

4.Save Money

From a business perspective, you’ll be able to unload the cost of buying a server, saving you thousands of dollars. The data center that you work with will take on the maintenance and support of the server.

There will be some work for the IT staff to do, but it’s not as much as it would if the server was in-house.

You’re also saving hundreds of dollars in electricity bills to run the server 24/7. In the end, the cost savings can be significant.

Welcome To the World of Dedicated Servers

Did you learn a thing or two about dedicated servers? There are so many benefits of putting your website and important data on a dedicated server.

You’ll save money and look like a hero to your bosses. The company saves money, employees are more productive, and your customers can access your website more quickly. If that’s not enough, the data is secure, and you have greater control.

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