Are Bluetooth Headphones Dangerous? Why Consider Air Tube Headsets?

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The popularity of Bluetooth earbuds and headphones were seen worldwide. Over 300 million headsets were sold, and many people wanted to get one to pair for their phones. Apple released AirPods, and they became a very popular accessory for iPhone users because of its wireless nature.

In the years to come, big tech companies are expected to sell over 50 million earphones, and it is believed that this can double drastically in the next decades. You can read more about earphones on this site here. At the same time, many consumers are known to become more cautious about these kinds of headphones. This is understandable because of the EMF radiation that they produce.

Many Bluetooth headphones may operate in low radiation emissions, but they can still have undesirable biological effects like neurological damage and DNA fragmentation if they are frequently used.

Dangers of Exposure to the EMF

The head is considered as an antenna by many researchers. They discovered that it’s filled with salty fluids and the soft tissues act as conductors of sound and other electrochemical signals throughout the body. With this said, there are certain health concerns caused by an electromotive force that you need to look out for when you use Bluetooth headphones. These are the following:

Damage in your DNA

Lecturers from prestigious colleges like Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy stated that the short pulses and wavelengths emitted by cellphones could damage human cells. They have these effects by throwing off the calcium ion signals in the brain and causing leakage channels.

The cellular disruption results in irreparable DNA damage, and this increases the risk of cancer. With the Bluetooth sound closer to the head, there’s also the chance of thinning and weakening the blood-brain barrier that results in neuron damage.


Excessive exposure to dangerous EMF can lead to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. EMFs are known to cause calcium leakage to the cells and make them hypersensitive. They can result in the creation of unscheduled and spurious leaks that can affect mental activity. This triggers random thoughts, and the overall effect is the loss of concentration. This is common for children who still have developing brains.

Depression and Headaches

There are forums where the users post their experiences about depression and headaches related to headphones. Some wanted EMF protection and were looking for alternatives. Others post about the best anti radiation air tube headsets that can enable them to listen for hours to their favorite music without interruption. These sometimes don’t result in headaches, and people can still go about their day while humming their favorite tunes.

There are published articles in the Journal of Neuroanatomy that summarize the current situation regarding EMF radiation and its other neuropsychiatric effects. Many people described that the mechanism includes the following studies:

A study shows an electromotive force shown to activate channels of voltage-gated calcium ions (VCGG) in the brain. These are responsible for neural connections, and they can be impacted negatively by Bluetooth earphones.

  • Studies in animals show that even lower levels of exposure can have a wide range of effects on the body
  • Genetic research resulted in VCGG, causing widespread neuropsychiatric impacts on one’s brain.

Alternatives to Look For

No one wants to experience the full range of symptoms mentioned above. This is why many consumers prefer air tube headphones because the speakers don’t get into your ears. The most important part of these types is the hollow and flexible air tubes that transmit the sound waves rather than the electrical waves.

When put under trials as the regular headphones, the air types emitted lesser radiation than the former. EMF-free headphones are smarter alternatives for speakers who want a safer alternative to listen to their favorite music. They eliminate the sustained exposure of the EMF to one’s head.

The difference between anti-radiation earphones and wired ones is the amount of radiation. Visually, both of them look and operate the same. You can plug them both into the jack of your phones, and the corded branches end up in two parts.

A major difference that you may want to consider is the way they transmit sound. The wired ones will send the sound from the device all the way to your ears. This is because of the metallic wires that connect the signals to the earbuds, and the ears convert these into sounds.

On the other hand, an air tube headphone is a better alternative. The headset wires are only built part-way, and the rest is made from air tubes. The speaker is the one that will convert the signals into sounds, and the rest will be filled through the air using the hollow tubes.

What’s more, there’s the absence of metals that act as conductors. The sound is the only one getting transmitted but never the radiation. This way, you can listen to your favorite podcasts for hours without any adverse side effects.

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