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Automation Marketing 101: What Is Mailchimp?


Anyone trying to learn about digital marketing and marketing automation has probably heard “Mailchimp” being thrown around a few times. Maybe they’ve even thrown it on their resume to look good because they know it’s important. But what is Mailchimp?

Do you know how it works and what it’s for? 

Whether you’re trying to work on your own marketing strategies for a blog or business or you’re savvying up your marketing skills for your future career goals, this is one of those things that you might want to have in your back pocket. It comes in handy and so many people use it!

Keep reading to learn all about Mailchimp and what it can do for you.

What Is Mailchimp? 

Mailchimp is a software that helps you manage all of your email marketing efforts. This means that your emails, newsletters, and more can all be created and controlled from one handy place.

Mailchimp is incredibly popular for new and old businesses alike. It’s incredibly efficient and it offers a lot of benefits that other email marketing software types just don’t have.


As email marketing is so essential to business growth and customer retention, businesses are relying on Mailchimp to deliver an effective service. Customers that are frequently (but tactfully) contacted via email or newsletter are more likely to be repeat customers.

You can even use apps to help transition you over to Mailchimp with Mailchimp Google contacts integration, making it easier than ever to use this convenient service. 

Why Do I Need Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is the leading email marketing software, and for good reason. 

Email campaigns can be totally automated after you set them up. This gives you more time to focus on what you actually need to be focusing on business-wise. The setup is easy and intuitive and the automated system allows you to rest easy knowing that new subscribers and anyone in need of notifications will be receiving the emails that they need. 

Emails and other campaigns are also easy to design and build. Mailchimp has a built-in builder with an awesome UI design, making it incredibly user-friendly. Not an artist? That’s okay. There are plenty of pre-made templates for you to choose from that can look sleek and professional without the design chops. 

Mailchimp also lets you geotarget your marketing efforts! Mailchimp pays attention to the information that it receives from the people on your email list. This means that if you decide that certain emails only need to go to people in certain cities or countries, you can totally make that happen. This helps to refine and personalize your campaigns.

Best of all, Mailchimp lets you track the information that you get from these campaigns to see if they’re actually working. Analytics are so important in the marketing world, and this software collects all of that information in one place for you to analyze and use going forward.

Is Mailchimp Right for You?

So what is Mailchimp? It’s a one-stop-shop for email marketing that’s sure to make your life just a little bit easier. It has so much to offer businesses of any size looking to strengthen their email marketing. Is it right for you?

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