Best Boiler Tube Cleaning With This Boiler Tube Cleaner Machine

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Some people often underestimate the importance of having a boiler installed until they spend the first winter in their new home. Well, the main purpose of having the machines is so that they can distribute heat and keep the house warm.

However, without any proper care, their efficiency can reduce greatly. This is mainly because waste products and the produced soot accumulates with time and therefore, making it less efficient. When this happens, as a home owner, you will often find yourself spending a lot on your energy bills.

Anyway, to avoid spending more and wasting energy, you need to ensure that the machine is well maintained. This involves simple things like cleaning it up and removing anything that might be preventing it to work efficiently. With that said, below are a few tips you can follow to help you get your boiler tubes clean. You can also check out Putzmaus America for more information.

1. Preparations

In hospitals, before a patient is taken to the theatre for an operation, they must be prepared first. The same applies before you start the cleaning process on your boiler. Before anything else, you need to make sure it is switched off.

It is recommended that this should be done using the emergency shut-off switch. After this, you should allow it to cool down completely. Of course, we all know the dangers of working with hot things, right?

While waiting for the unit to cool down, you should start laying down some old rugs or newspapers on the floor to prevent it from getting stained with oil or soot as you will be cleaning.

2. Going for the tubes

After everything has been set and you’ve confirmed that the unit is safe to work on, you may now go ahead and reach for the accessible areas. Removing the front cover will let you access the vent stack.

When the vent stack is also taken out, you will now have access to the tubes, heat exchanger and the burner assembly. This is usually where the work is.

You can then use your boiler tube cleaner machine and hoover over the exposed areas. This will allow you to remove a lot of waste materials even though you haven’t reached the inside of the tubes yet.

3. Taking out the tubes

In this step, carefully remove the whole burner assembly. How to carry out this process will, however, depend on the kind of boiler you are dealing with. Others usually have the whole burner assembly as one point while others might have them separated.

If you are dealing with one that has the entire burner assembly as one unit, you will need to disassemble it by unscrewing the parts then use a wrench to remove the pilot feed line.

However, if you have a separated burner assembly, you will often find a clip just at the front which you can use to disconnect the burner from the boiler.

4. Cleaning

After taking out the burner assembly, you need to start cleaning your tubes. You can use your machine cleaner to clean out their edges and gently tapping them on the ground so that the removed debris will come out.

You can spend some time doing this process until you are convinced that the all the soot and waste materials have been removed. This is then followed by cleaning out those tiny but accessible areas.

In most cases, it is often recommended to use warm water to rinse out the burner assembly once it’s been removed from the boiler. This will help you keep the inside tubes clean.

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Best Boiler Tube Cleaning With This Boiler Tube Cleaner Machine-min

After doing everything and cleaning the parts properly, it is time now to put things back in place. Reassembling should be much simple as you only need to reverse the steps you previously took.

Make sure you don’t miss a single step as this might cause some problems with the functionality of your machine. After closing the cover, you can go ahead and switch on the pilot light.

For new boilers, this is often done using a switch. But, if you are using one of the old models, you will be required to do it manually.

Types of boiler tube cleaning methods

When you are about to do some cleaning on your boiler tubes, there are 4 main methods that are often used. You can use one of the following.

  1. Acoustic cleaning: This involves the use of sound to remove particles such as ash from the tubes. It is usually done by using acoustic horns installed on the boiler.
  2. Water lances: This involves using water at very high pressure to help remove debris from the tubes.
  3. Soot blowers: When acoustic cleaning and water lances are not doing the job for you, soot blowers can also be used.
  4. Explosive deslagging: This involves the use of explosives .i.e. dynamite for the removal of slag from the tube. Click here to know much about boiler tube cleaning.

Best Boiler Tube Cleaning With This Boiler Tube Cleaner Machine


As mentioned before, one of the ways in which you can keep your boiler tube to maintain its high efficiency is by cleaning it. Just like any other machine, cleaning usually offers more economical and mechanical advantages. For instance, when the tubes are clean, you won’t need to spend much on your energy bills. Also, we all know that a machine that is always left unattended to is usually prone to mechanical breakdown. When this happens, you will be forced to use more money for the repairs and all that. This is why people are always encouraged to practice regular cleaning on the machines as part of good maintenance practices.

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