Best Buys: 6Best Bluetooth Speakers 2017

6Best Bluetooth Speakers

If all a Bluetooth speaker could do was wirelessly fill a room with sound, it’d still be a useful gadget. That’s the primary motive of these devices, of course, but that only scratches the surface of the devices’ capabilities. Many Bluetooth speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries letting you take the party everywhere.

The top Bluetooth loudspeakers are great at sharing power, so you could hook tablet your smartphone, or MP3 player into the loudspeaker for charging. You could find handsfree speakerphone functions also, helpful in case your smartphone doubles as your amusement apparatus that is primary.

Bluetooth speaker technology isn’t only for the on the go listener; a wide selection of products, focusing on both layout and functionality, a function many users. Wireless speaker systems are convenient to set up and simple to set up; no have to confine listening to a region. For the discerning listener, a number of the top Bluetooth loudspeakers take high-fidelity audio streaming while remaining compatible with regular signals.

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Bluetooth attributes have become standard equipment in most electronic devices that are personal. Anybody who has ever crawled under a desk to track the wires for a speaker system can appreciate the ease of wireless speakers on a desktop. There are lots of Bluetooth loudspeakers available, with new models being continuously released.

Here, we take a peek at a number of the Best Bluetooth loudspeakers in 2017, ranging across attributes and price tags typical of the devices. Speaker selection is subjective, and a speaker’s aesthetics are more significant than ever, with a number of designs available. Utilize this guide in your search for the best Bluetooth loudspeakers in 2017.

  1. Creative iRoar


  • Many connection choices and control programs
  • Really strong sound offers high volume and low distortion
  • Has its software development kit to help platform development


  • Too advanced for those seeking simplicity
  • Pricy

The Creative brand has been featured since the earliest days of computer sound cards in digital audio products. Creative’s SoundBlaster was nearly ubiquitous as the device that brought music and sound effects.

The iRoar definitely lives up to the legacy, being a feature- providing audio that is superb in large quantities and packed Bluetooth loudspeaker able to connect to nearly anything. Its versatility allows the iRoar to stand out from the pack as among the best Bluetooth loudspeakers in 2017.

2. Ultimate Ears UE Boom 2


  • Big Bass in a modest, waterproof package
  • Watertight
  • Enhanced sound over the initial Boom


  • EQ, alarm and stereo pairing possible with Boom app for iOS and Android


  • Navigation controls unreliable

You can’t without delivering bass call a device “Boom”. This cloth and rubber mini-tower of sound is a marvel of low-frequency insanity, quite an accomplishment for such a small package.

The Boom 2 is hardy, and though it won’t do much good given the way sound travels underwater, the Boom 2 is rated for up to 30 minutes submerged in a depth of a single meter. Quite simply, the Boom 2 is watertight! A day at the shore isn’t only possible but nearly invited.

  1. Fugoo


  • Pick of look
  • Well balanced sound
  • Superb volume-to-size functionality
  • Great battery life for a unit that is portable


  • No NFC capacity

The Fugoo uses a two-part system. There are there are only three options for the shell; Sport, Style, and Rough. The unit ships using a Style cover in your selection of colors.

The Sport and Tough coats provide more protection, at one more cost.

The controls on the Fugoo are a little more trustworthy. Plus and minus signs again control volume, but, in connection with a center button, they also do tune navigation duty. The center button can answer calls or activate Siri and Google Now, depending in your smartphone.

The Fugoo is not any device to pass over if you’re looking for one of the top Bluetooth loudspeakers.

  1. Sony SRS-XB3


  • Versatile Bluetooth loudspeaker with good connectivity and sound that is great
  • Bass boost into music that is rumble prepared for those
  • Rubber surfaces for fastening it down


  • No song navigation that is onboard
  • Apparatus ships with no sound or USB cables

A bit larger compared to preceding speakers, the SRS-XB3 has serious substance, while still being portable. This device also puts out the satisfying bass in a little package.

It is possible to enjoy 24 hours of battery life on just one charge if you’re not cranking 100% volume. While not ready for a fall in the pool, the SRS XB3 is splash-proof so a sudden shower at the seashore is no big deal. When it comes to aesthetics, the SRS-XB3 is jane, no-nonsense, but is for sale in blue-black or reddish.

  1. EcoXGearEcoCarbon


  • Designed for outside use
  • Includes a LED torch
  • Exceptionally rugged design


  • No drawn-out bass reproduction
  • Controls need some force to operate

To get a customer searching for the best Bluetooth speakers when it comes to both durability and price, look no further than the EcoCarbon. The EcoCarbon also floats. No word on how it sounds in the water, but this device was made to be dustproof and watertight. The unit is sold with a selection of black, blue, orange, or camo grille plates, and is black.

The bass from this device is nothing notable, although back loudspeaker is considered a subwoofer. General performance is great, with no sense of playback that is thin, but when it comes to the deep replica, this device doesn’t hold up. For many users, this won’t be an issue whatsoever, but this may well not be one of the best Bluetooth loudspeakers to get a bass junkie.

  1. JBL Charge 3


  • Strong audio performance with up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Water speakerphone and resistant compatible


  • No rear navigation on the device
  • Ships with few accessories•

Known for great sound and robust design, JBLs used to be staples of professional recording studios.

The company moved into computer speakers, for the most part upping the ante in a field full of cheap knock-offs.

This one is a must buy on our list of Best Bluetooth Speakers of 2017!

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