Best Geography Apps That Make Learning Exciting

Geography apps

Are you looking for ways to make learning geography fun and interesting for your students or your child? Countless educational geography apps focus on helping educators achieve this goal.

Introducing trivia questions, quizzes, and interactive maps ensure that your students have an easier time mastering new concepts. Today’s best geography apps break down geographical concepts into bite-size chunks that students have an easier time understanding. In case you’re wondering who will help me write my dissertation, don’t shy away from seeking academic writing help.

Applications are excellent resources for opening up discussions so that you get to monitor the progress of each student. Introducing game-pay in class ensures that students have fun as they interact with complex concepts.

Collaborative interactions among the students boost their rendition of information in a way that other teaching methodologies can’t. These interactive teaching methods guarantee that your kids will pay more attention in class.

Teach your class about bodies of water, continents, countries and their capitals, types of rocks, and so much more with the following geography apps.

1.     Geo Challenge (Flags, Maps, and Geography Learning Game for Kids)

Geo Challenge is an application that has geography quiz games that target kids. This fun yet challenging quiz games to come with beautiful graphics to encourage kids to play. This application has animated games that test kids’ knowledge of the world.

Geo Challenge has four mini-quizzes that task kids on four main categories;

  • Country flags
  • Country border
  • Major world cities
  • Famous landmarks around the globe

2.     Maps of Our World

This is an entertaining, educational application that features interactive map games. It is a valuable reference tool for individuals of all ages. Maps of Our Worlds will help you and your family expand your Geography knowledge.

It is an iPad compatible application that has comprehensive physical maps you can refer to. The app teaches you interesting facts you should know about the world.

Map of Our World features a political map that shows each country’s distinct borders in the world. There is also a physical map that shows you the world in its most natural form. There are faint lines separating countries and identifying landmarks like mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, and seas.

3.     Planet Geo

Planet Geo is an app that tests your students’ knowledge of UNESCO world heritage sites, world countries, and world cities in eight different languages. This is a highly resourceful application that helps students from different parts of the world.

Students get to choose from the following six interactive games;

  • Geo Book Icon

This game tests students on general information about countries, including the flag, population, position on the globe, and national anthem.

  • New York to Paris Icon

This game tests your knowledge of the capital cities of different countries.

  • Maps in a Box Icon

This icon tests students’ knowledge of where specific countries are located within different continents.

  • Flag Icon

As the name suggests, this application tests your knowledge of country flags.

  • Jigsaw Icon

This icon allows students to solve the world map puzzle by finding countries that fit in specific locations.

  • Landmark Icon

Lastly, there’s the landmark icon that tests students’ knowledge on UNESCO world heritage sites,

4.     I Am Learning: KS2 Geography

This engaging and entertaining game is a revision tool that helps students master Geography’s official curriculum content.

5.     GeoBee Challenge

This is a free iPad and iPhone application designed by National Geographic. It is an application that targets geography enthusiasts and not beginners as it features quite challenging tests.


Geography learning tools help students master official curriculum content. These fun and interactive application make learning proactive and fun. As a teacher or a parent, you need to download these applications for the young kids who are just getting introduced to Geographical content.

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