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If you do not know then let me tell you that one of the extended benefits of using the Torrent leeching sites it, it offers you direct downloads similar to torrents. It implies you can smoothly download the torrents straightaway and with higher speed on your IDM (Internet Download Manager) or Web Browser. Moreover, if the torrent has less number of leechers and seeders then also it will not affect your download speed.

These days, selecting the best torrent leeching sites is quite hard as there are plethora of such sites accessible over the internet. Hence, we have researched different torrent leechers as well as a torrent to direct download and came across with the list below of the torrent leeching sites of 2016 which are easy to use and 100 percent working.


Below you will find the list of top ten torrents leechers sites of 2016 which let you download free unlimited torrent files at the right speed.


It is one of the best free torrent download sites that lets you download the torrent file using the internet download manager and at higher speed. However, to access all the features of the ZBIGZ.COM then you have to buy the premium plans. All you need to do is either upload your .torrent file or torrent URI Magnet link and click on the “Go” button, then after the caching is completed you can easily click the “zip” button to start downloading, you can either sign-up or you may even use the zbigz service without sign-up.

For free users, there are some restrictions like one to two simultaneous downloads and 1GB download limit.

Basic Plan starts from $4 limited to five days only.

Storage and download speed is 1GB.


It is considered best among all and it is one fine zbigz alternative, but I have kept it at second rank in the list because it does not offer any premium plans, which means the overall quality level of this site can never be at par. It is the best site download the torrents as it let you download without any limitations. You can quickly download up to 10 torrents simultaneously.

It is 100% free and easy to use.

Storage and Download Space = Unlimited.


You will find this website also easy to use and quite attractive as well. It lets you download 2GB of torrent files in a day as a free user. However, registration is mandatory in this torrent leeching site. If you require more storage space and bandwidth, then you have to consider the premium plans.

The basic plan starts from $5 per month.

Storage & Download space = 2 GB


With this site, you can easily fetch 1000 GB in a month. It also lets you download up to 10 torrents at a time. However, if you are interested in accessing its other features like VPN and international calling, then you should have the premium plan.

Its premium plan starts from $8 per month.

Available Storage and download = 2GB


With the site, you are allowed to download the torrent files up to 100GB in a month and it is one of the best torrent download sites. On the other hand, it has some restrictions for free users like only two simultaneous downloads are allowed and of 1GB download limit, etc. is perhaps even better than when it comes to features. also gives the option of selecting individual files out of a torrent which can be zipped and downloaded.

The basic plan starts from $5 per month but again user registration is necessary.

Available storage and download limit – 1GB


When we talk about the valid alternative of, then TORRENT2DDL.COM is the first name that will pop-up in your mind. It is also 100% free of use, which means you do not have to buy the premium plans. It lets you download the torrent files at higher speed.

Available Storage and download = Unlimited (Registration is mandatory)


Download the torrent at more top speed with site. As a free user, you will be allowed with the 5GB of disc space for your torrent files. Like others sites, if you need more storage space you buy the premium plans.

The basic plan starts from $3.5 for 100GB transfer and offers 30GB of the storage space.

Available Storage and download =5GB


When we talk about the best torrent leechers on the web, then always comes under the best 10. It lets you download the torrent files at higher speed and gives you 2.5GB of free storage. Again for better storage space for downloads, you must buy its premium plans.

The basic plan starts from $4 valid for five days only.

Available Storage and download = 2.5GB


It let you download any torrent file at high speed regardless of its size and it ranks 9th in the list of top 10 torrent. The best thing about the is it does not restrict its users on bandwidth usage or storage. However, the only issue with this torrent leeching site is it is in The Russian Language, and people can access its service from Russia location only.

Available Storage and download = Unlimited


This site is quite handy for those who are serious about torrent downloads. When you register as a free user, you will get only 2GB of free storage space. However, to enjoy their multi-array features, it is recommended to buy their lifetime membership which is of $205.

Available Storage and download = 2GB

NOTE – you can use this website by using the Proxy address of Russia.



It is an excellent site that lets you download any file from any site even from the torrents without any hassle. This site also comes with a unique feature called “Remote Upload” that enables you to transfer your files quickly from off cloud storage to Dropbox or Google drive smoothly. Its yearly plan cost $49.99, and the monthly plan starts at $4.99.


At higher speed, you can download the torrents in internet download manager with Previously, downloading the torrent files from this site was free, however now they allow the download from their servers to premium members only. allowing you to download torrents over http on IDM, myfastfile also allows you to stream them on VLC, as well as it supports many other file hosting websites too!

Its basic monthly plan starts from $3 in a month.


Currently, the site is under development phase due to which it is possible that you may experience certain issues. Except this, the has all the great features that you require for downloading the torrent files. The site is not providing any free bandwidth usage or storage. They do not have any monthly or yearly plan but will charge you GB per day basis for any amount of storage you use. is also a best torrent seeding site but the User interface isn’t too great and user-friendly.

If you know any best torrent leeching site that we missed here, let us know in a comment box below, and we will add it to the list with your mention.

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