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Content is king when it comes to your website.  But it isn’t enough anymore to just publish blogs to your page.  Consider if you were writing a piece about mobile app developer starting salary.  Because of the sheer volume of blogs and articles published every day, the chances of eyes landing on your website are slim.

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There are plenty of other avenues that you can share content on that will increase your chances of being seen.  Here are our top platforms that you should be posing content on.


Using Reddit can be a powerful tool for sharing content.  The articles that you write should provide excellent content to the subreddits that you chose.  Make sure you are contributing to the community and tread carefully presenting your company.  Redditors are notoriously suspicious of companies that appear spammy and will call you out, which is bad news for your company.


You can syndicate your blog posts as syndicated articles on your LinkedIn.  Your network can subscribe to your articles which will give them a notification every time you publish something new.  It can be easier to build up a following with the network you created.  There are also groups you can join of highly engaged people that might appreciate your content.

Email Campaign

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal as far as content sharing.  Your email subscribers are far more likely to click through to your website or take another action.  One exciting thing about email is social sharing.  Make sure your Facebook and Twitter share button is prominent to encourage this behavior.


Don’t overlook Facebook for sharing your content.  The key to Facebook is to have a high quality, relevant picture, quote and call to action to make sure people click through to read your article.  Bonus points if you have a Facebook group that you can share relevant content with.


Even though most people don’t think about Instagram as a great place to share lengthy content, it is the opposite.  Creating a beautiful picture with a portion (or hook) of your material can be a great way to get visits to your site.  Put the link with the full article in your bio.  Make sure you are also using Instagram Stories because this will alert your followers that you have posted to your story.


The video is still huge and getting bigger every day.  You could make a video discussing the subject of your article and why the viewer needs to read it.  You can even use the video you shoot on other platforms to help raise engagement.

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The bottom line is this.  Just writing great content and posting it to your site isn’t enough anymore.  You need to continually branch out and immerse yourself in the community that your niche surrounds to increase your chances of conversion. Once you have an article that works, begin working on your follow up immediately to keep your readers and subscribers coming back and turning their notifications on.

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