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Looking at the big picture is hard for many business owners. For most, it’s easy to get lost in the minor details of keeping your business above water.

Growth is too often something management deals with in the moment rather than something that is planned for. An “in the moment” mindset leads most business owners to miss out on opportunities—especially opportunities for growth.

The good news is, you can easily switch your thinking to a growth mindset by considering how to scale your business for sustainability by implementing a few different software applications.

Automated Billing Software

The heart of your business’s income comes from billing. So, it makes sense to keep invoicing at the forefront of your thoughts. When your billing is automated, you free up a lot of time to keep your focus on growth.

Spending countless hours printing and mailing invoices will only turn into days of printing and mailing as your business grows. Automated billing software will spit out as many bills as you need it to, and there are endlessdigital options available with billing software.

You can shop for a solution that is conducive to your business. Need recurring billing?  No worries. There’s a solution for that. Is a subscription service more favorable to your business type?  Not a problem. There’s anautomated billing solution that can handle that as well.

The bottom line is this: The right automated billing application means you don’t have to readjust your schedule to bill clients every time your business experiences success.  Instead, your focus can remain on growth.

Cloud CRM

A traditional CRM keeps your salesforce informed and organized.  But, what happens when you start to grow?  You need more hardware and more resources to take it to the next level.  That equates to time for you.

A cloud-based CRM is a scalable solution because it means merely a few clicks for a few more user licenses.

Cloud Storage

When you are thinking about scaling your business, you need to think about how quickly you can access information vital to production.  Again, the more accessible the tools are, the more productive your employees can be.  Cloud storage offers several benefits.

  • Employees can work from anywhere on any device.
  • Cloud servers are more secure.
  • Cloud servers are backed up frequently.
  • It makes collaboration much simpler.
  • Makes growth seamless.

Marketing Automation Software

The internet has gotten smart—especially when it comes to marketing.  And, the truth is, the more engaged you are with your clients, the more valuable they feel.  But, engagement takes time.  And, there are not enough hours in the day to send all the emails you need to send.

That’s just a fact.  And again, as you grow, your list of things to do will grow—which means less time to send more emails.

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Keep in mind, setting up marketing automation takes some time.  But, once it’s set up, it makes staying in touch with your clients much simpler.

Energy Audit Software

Staying informed is vital—especially if you run a business.  And, as energy costs continue to rise, staying on top of what your company is paying for utilities can help you save money.  Using an energy audit software will give you a distinct look at cost will help you maintain and adjust your budget as you scale your business.

When you audit your energy usage, not only are you being an active and responsible business owner, you are also saving your business money.  Your business will have a direct impact on the environment.  In fact, many cities across the county have implemented laws to reduce carbon emissions.

And, as more and more millennials and generation Z’ers enter into the buyers’ market, your business will need to adopt a much stronger green presence.  In fact, 72% of consumers in these two generations are willing to pay more if companies are sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Growth is the goal of every business.  But, all too often growth is something that is dealt with, not managed. By simply incorporating a few different software applications, you can enjoy riding the wave of growth rather than struggling with it.

About the Author: Mithilesh Chaubey

Mithilesh is a part time blogger from Noida. He loves to write on various topics of technology, Gadgets, Health & sports.

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