Bumble BFF: Online Matchmaking Service for New Friends

Bumble BFF

Although no one would ever say that it’s gotten easier to find romantic partners, there’s no question that the internet has simplified the process to some degree. 

There’s no doubt about it: When it comes to matchmaking services, modern women have it made. Indeed, it seems like there’s a niche dating app for practically everything. 

Bumble BFF

There’s also Bumble, which made a huge splash by being the first dating app that puts women in complete control. Since debuting in 2015, the app has become a resounding success, with billions of swipes every month. Now, it’s ready to take on platonic friendships.

That’s right: At long last, there is now an app that will help you find someone to hang out with just as friends. This matters because there has been demand for this for a while now. That became more apparent with the incredible success of Bumble.

Although founder Whitney Wolfe was confident about the premise of the app, there were plenty of naysayers too. In less than three years, though, Bumble has become the second most popular lifestyle app in the App Store after Tinder, and women can’t stop raving about it.

In fact, many of the women who were using it liked it so much that they were trying to find women to be friends with on it too.

It’s true. Wolfe and her team noticed early on that many users would occasionally switch their “show me” settings to display their own gender instead of the opposite gender. The company also received tons of feedback, and it was on top of social media signals and the like.

As a result, it became apparent that many of the same busy women who use Bumble to find dates were also looking for a way to find new BFFs. Instead of telling users to do their best with the existing app, Wolfe and her team started developing Bumble BFF.

One thing that’s important to know about Bumble BFF is that it’s not an independent app. It is actually a feature that is now included within the original Bumble app. You don’t have to use the BFF feature at all if you don’t want to.

When and if you do, however, switching to BFF mode is a snap. When in BFF mode, the text all switches to green; when in “dating mode,” the text reverts back to standard yellow. That way, you always know which feature you’re currently using to ward off any confusion.

Bumble BFF works a lot like Tinder and regular Bumble. It gathers information about you after you connect your Facebook and other social media accounts. Sophisticated algorithms are then used to generate a list of potential matches.

These are people who probably have similar interests as you. They might work in similar fields, be around the same age or have similar demographics. At any rate, each potential match appears singly.

When you run across a promising match, swipe right to save; swipe left to dismiss. When someone you’ve swiped right on swipes right back, you both have 24 hours to initiate contact. There is absolutely no pressure.

Why is there so much demand for an app like Bumble BFF, anyway? Mainly because many of the same things that make dating difficult also make it difficult to find friends.

People are busier than ever these days, and they are connecting more and more through mobile than through “real-life” interactions. With fewer face-to-face interactions, the odds of finding new friends drops dramatically.

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This gets truer and truer as people age and take on more responsibilities too. Many women who have professional careers, solid relationships and lots of pastimes are missing one thing: enough friends. They can find them more easily now with Bumble BFF.

The women who use Bumble BFF are sure to use it in many different ways. It’s a quick, simple way to find like-minded people to meet up with when traveling for business, for example.

When traveling for fun, you might make a few connections through Bumble BFF to incorporate some socializing into your travels. Bumble BFF is also great for women who have to relocate to new cities, as it gives them a way to connect with others with similar backgrounds and tastes.

Finally, for many women, Bumble BFF could very well be the way to find amazing, close friendships that last a lifetime. Regardless of why you’re searching for new friends, Bumble BFF gives you the tools that you need to do so quickly and effectively.

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