Five Reasons Why Businesses Migrate To Dropbox


Are you exhausted from moving piles of documents from your office to your home on a daily basis? Do you keep track of the number of times you left an important document on the computer at home or at work, without being able to access it when you need it the most?

In order to avoid this type of nervous situations in the future, Dropbox offers accounts for businesses that wish to have broader and safer access to their files. As a file-storage platform, it not only enables your business to transfer to a paperless system of documentation, but also improves the speed and efficiency of the teams within your company.

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It’s the easiest way to keep up with the changes which take place in your company while improving communication between team members and saving money. These are some of the most significant reasons why migrating your business data to Dropbox might be a good idea.

Free account

In case you aren’t certain whether Dropbox would be a good match for your business, you can give it a try by setting up a free account that includes 2GB of free storage space. It’s obviously not enough for business purposes, but it’s a good chance to test how Dropbox is going to appeal to your employees.

Give them a period to explore its file storing, uploading and sharing options, then ask for their opinion. If your employees are satisfied with this limited free Dropbox version, they’ll be thrilled to discover its extensive storage and file sharing opportunities which are specially designed to improve teamwork and facilitate the process of internal communication.

Non-stop synchronization

Dropbox enables excellent synchronization, which is one of the key elements of successful teamwork. While you’re making alterations to some documents on your computer at work, Dropbox functions in the background by memorizing each change you’ve made and uploading the revised version of the file onto the cloud, so that all colleagues have access to it. In this way, every team member is up-to-date with every change which happens within the team.dropbox

In addition, even if some of your employees make changes while they aren’t at work, Dropbox would still update the files although these alterations are made from their laptops or phones. Another advantage is the fact that this platform doesn’t slow down your PC or phone, so you carry on working without even noticing that Dropbox is running in the background.

Organize teamwork

Dropbox provides a very efficient way of creating teams of employees by assigning them to various folders. In fact, one folder represents one team. You can divide the employees into teams in accordance with the documents they’re supposed to access. All groups will have access to different types of files, which are relevant to their work.

Furthermore, you’re allowed to restrict access to certain files in case you don’t want the personnel to make changes by editing them. They’ll be allowed to simply read the documents but prevented from doing any alterations. Thus, if you migrate to Dropbox, it’ll be less likely for your team to make mistakes by editing documents without having the necessary insight.

Excellent security

One of the primary concerns of every business is data protection, which prevents the leaking of confidential information outside the company. Therefore, Dropbox uses encrypted messages and various levels of protection in order to prevent data leaks. In addition, all folders and files can be password-protected which means that you can decide which people are allowed to have access to certain files.

When it comes to unintentional deleting of a file from the platform, there’s no need to raise panic. The business Dropbox account enables retrieval of files in a period of 180 days, unlike the basic user accounts which restores files only from the last 30 days. Six months retrieval period is more than enough for locating the file which was somehow removed from the cloud.


A great number of businesses are still reluctant to migrate to Dropbox due to the monthly fee they’ll have to pay for their business account. However, many of them don’t consider the cost-effective benefits of this amazing platform.

Firstly, as employees will be less prone to making mistakes, you’ll reduce the cost of fixing them, as some mistakes can prove to be quite costly. Secondly, you’ll no longer have to ship files to employees who work outside the office headquarters, thus saving money on shipping costs.

You’ll save plenty of time which in business language translates to saving money. Your teams won’t waste valuable time waiting for files to be sent. Thanks to the high efficiency of the platform, your staff will be more productive.

Last but not least, in the near future, you may decide to transfer to a digital documentation system, which means getting rid of all paper documents. Having everything stored on the cloud frees up office space which you can use in a more productive way. Read more about the ways of going paperless with Dropbox.

Wrap up

Migrating business data to an online storage platform like Dropbox is a step forward for every modern business. The time of storing paper documents and waiting for ages for a document to be shipped are long gone.

Dropbox offers cloud-data storage, a high level of data security and increased productiveness. What more can you ask for?

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