Why Businesses Need to Use Instagram

Businesses Need to Use Instagram

Once upon a time Instagram was a favorite hangout spot for teens. Today it is attracting people from all spheres of life and demographics. Visual content rules social media and Instagram rules the platform based on images. The best thing about this platform is the ease of posting on the go. You capture a beautiful scene, upload it, apply some inbuilt filter, caption it with some hashtag and publish. Simple.

This simplicity makes it attractive to everyone in today’s fast paced life where writing a creative status update seems to be time consuming and low on reach & engagement.

This makes Instagram the fastest growing platform attracting people of all ages and demographics.

Instagram Growth Isn’t Going To Stagnate Soon

Instagram boasts of more than 400 million daily active users and more than 600 million monthly active users with more than 95 million photos & 150 million of stories being shared every day.

This is going to grow with every passing day. An another interesting information that may convince you to take Instagram seriously for your business is the fact that after Facebook, internet users spends most of the time on Instagram.

Simplygram offers you the best service to get Instagram followers.

Among all the social media platforms it comes second in terms of time spent daily. With so much growth and active user base it makes sense to make Instagram a part of your business.

Instagram Posts Grab More Eyeballs Than Facebook Posts

With Instagram, being a growing platform, you still have a chance to carve out a niche for yourself and dominate it before it gets crowded.

One of the best features of this platform, from the marketing perspective, is the organic reach. Unlike other platforms, you can still get exposure without spending money.

This can be done by the effective use of hashtags. Hashtags & visuals are the core ingredients of Instagram.

With proper use of hashtags you can reach audience who don’t even know you or your brand. In simple words, the whole user base is available to you and you can choose which audience to target by choosing the correct hashtags.

Instagram’s Engagement (Likes And Comments) Is 58x Better Than Facebook

What’s the point of sharing your content on social media when the organic reach is negligible and engagement is even fewer? When you share something you want people to see it and respond to it. And Instagram dominates every platform on this aspect.

According to TrackMaven, a leading marketing analysis provider, analysis of 40,000 different companies across 51 million posts found up to 70 interactions per 1000 followers per post on Instagram. Compare this to that of the second ranked Facebook which has 7 interactions per 1000 followers per post.

Facebook Marketing Is Overcrowded, But There’s Plenty Of Room Left On The Instagram Boat

We all know Facebook has become overcrowded and your organic post reach is not satisfactory. On top of that it goes down every week unless you spend money on Facebook ads.

For small business, investing on an ad campaign to increase their reach  can be hard. On Instagram they have the opportunity to tell their stories through visuals, reach audience via hashtags and engage with them without any extra cost.

Other platforms encourage more likes and shares through status updates and photos but Instagram gives you a chance to really engage with your followers.

Marketing on this platform is not limited to advertisements only. You can surprise your audience with stunning graphics and or take them on a visit of your backend office through Instagram stories.

People see advertisements as a promotion technique and as such doesn’t connect with them on a personal level. On Instagram you can showcase yourself, your brand story and day to day life through photos, stories & small video clips. This helps to connect users to your brand on a personal level and build long term relationship.

Growing On Instagram Is Easy

Unlike other social media platforms, growing on Instagram is comparatively easy. Consistently posting quality content and engaging with your target audience can help you grow really quick.

If you are too busy to invest hours on Instagram you can let an agency or a growth tool grow your account for you. One of such growth platform is GetRiver.com.

GetRiver.com takes care of engaging on your behalf and growing your Instagram account. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything. The team does all the heavy lifting for you. River likes, comments, and follows your target audience based on hashtags. It also employees AI to search and engage with similar accounts for you.

The Manage Package is the best one they offer, it can engage you with around 40K new people every month. Once properly set up, you do not have to anything and River will perform actions on your behalf 24/7.  You can start your 7-day free unrestricted trial here: GetRiver.com

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