20 latest gadgets available in India

20 latest gadgets available in India

Do you love buying gadgets? Do you love playing with the latest technology? If yes, then here is the list of 20 latest gadgets available in India that every tech-savvy is craving... Read more »

Comcast Gateways new venture XFINITY Wi-Fi is worthy but an old trick

Comcast is one of the biggest internet service providers with a huge customer base. With great cabled internet service Comcast has covered and commanded over a huge volume of clients, domestic and... Read more »

Great news for the Office 2007 users

For the users of Office 2007, the last service pack for this version is already being released. The last version has the file size of 315 MB. The new version of office... Read more »

Check Out The Secretive Entry Of Microsoft Leading To A Risk

It was a shocking experience for Mozilla’s Firefox when Microsoft made a very secretive entry into it in the month of February. This secret entry into it has led to much criticism... Read more »

How to use Nook for on your laptop

If you’ve got a laptop computer or a netbook, you’ve already got a pleasant eBook reading device.  The Barnes and Noble Nook for laptop allows you to scan your Nook eBooks, eNewspapers,... Read more »


About Share it Share it gives the ability to share the files anywhere, anytime & to any device. Shareit its app is a free file sharing app that works across multiple operating... Read more »

The top 10 must have VR apps

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The top 4 smartwatches to choose from

Smartwatches are more than just tech gadgets now, they have become an add-on to a person’s ease of living and fashion altogether. People often get confused in choosing the right smartwatch, and... Read more »

The best gaming laptops for the year 2016

The world is full of gamers and they need something exceptional than the usual devices to play the fastest of games that require high-end graphics and faster RAMs. There are many mid-range... Read more »

How to Play MP4 Videos on iPad – Convert MP4 to iPad Format

An iPad is a device that is an iOS-based device manufactured by Apple Inc. Since 2010 iPad has been launched in various versions. IPad is a popular and most useful device. IPad... Read more »