Check Out The Secretive Entry Of Microsoft Leading To A Risk

It was a shocking experience for Mozilla’s Firefox when Microsoft made a very secretive entry into it in the month of February. This secret entry into it has led to much criticism as it has led the browser to open which leaves a very convincing room for all the attacks. It has been finally acknowledged by the security engineers at Microsoft in the earlier days of the week. This has further led to the growth of the corporate-based mobile infrastructures which are related to both the employee-owned as well as that of company-issued devices. This plays a very important role in the support of all the business processes.

Affected areas

Many of the 13 bulletins that have been released by that of Microsoft affected the Internet Explorers as well as that of the Firefox largely. All this is done and made successfully because of the plug-in which has been by the Microsoft. This has been further pushed by the users of the Firefox for 8 months ago and to adopt the current version plugin windows presentation foundation. This was done with the help of an update which has been successfully delivered by the update of the windows.

  • This has made the users vulnerable which is, of course, the component of the IE; there is a sure attack vector which has been prepared only for the users of the Firefox.
  • This has been well admitted by the engineers working under Microsoft in a certain post which has been posted on the blog of the company named as, Security Research and Defense. It has been updated on Tuesday.
  • The reason that has been found out is that of the new installation of a Windows Preparation Foundation. This is a new plugin system in Firefox.

Possible Threat

The possible threat has been described by a situation called that of Browse and get owned, and the only solution is to use the current version plugin windows presentation foundation. Microsoft engineers have confirmed that in this situation the only requirements is that the attackers are luring the users of Firefox to get into a rigged website.

  • There have been many complaints from the side of the users as soon as Microsoft took the step to push the 3.5 NET frameworks in the month of February. Such complaints were common during the few months of the struggle.
  • The assistant of the NET Framework mentioned that a visible result could possibly be installed and that too inside Firefox. This could be done without anybody’s approval as well.

Once installed, unable to remove

There have been many complaints coming from the user side, and that mainly concerns that of the fact that once this has been installed, it was really impossible to actually remove it from Firefox. The buttons such as that of uninstalling and disable were largely grayed out particularly on the entire version except that of Windows 7. This has left no other option for the users but to enter that of windows registry and thus to solve the situation, they must use the current version plugin windows presentation foundation. This was potentially dangerous as any form of misstep could have led to a crippled PC.

  • It has been assumed that the potential threat was a serious one. This has also led to the declaration that Firefox was to be a dangerous site to visit.
  • This has been largely criticized and was found to get the reaction from Microsoft. According to their point the method, they utilized to install Firefox by issuing a different version of the update later in the year, probably in May.
  • The apology, however, was not made to the users of the Firefox for the mishap.

No apology made

Microsoft did not, however, revisit the NET add-on. But they clearly and very casually put up a notice in front of the users of Firefox that the component should get uninstall if it is creating any trouble.

Critical situation

Microsoft described it as a critical situation and that the vulnerability of the situation was quite high.

  • It can be also used against the users who are thinking of running any particular version of IE and that also includes that of IE8.
  • It made the users extremely furious that any particular software has been installed without their prior approval. Also, it was further impossible to uninstall.

To end with

In order to summarize the situation, it can be said that the situation was quite critical and was important to get a reaction from Microsoft itself. The only solution was to use the current version plugin windows presentation foundation. Users became furious and more so because they were unable to uninstall the wrongly put software on their PC. They surely deserve an apology.

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