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Definition of UI

If you’ve been studying web development for a while now, then you should have come across these two terms already. After all, the internet is raging about them – especially people who are concerned with developing websites. In online marketing, you get to hear these two words mentioned often as well. If you still don’t know why people are making a big deal out of these two, then I’m here today to tell you why.

UI and UX, why all the fuss?

First things first, allow me to give you the definition of these two terms:

UI stands for User Interface (read more). This means that it covers everything “visual” about a website or application. The color, themes, buttons, fonts, and practically everything else that can be seen on screen is part of UI. Users interact with machines through the interface, you see. They click buttons, fill-out information boxes, and navigate around a website through the interface provided by developers. As to how easy or confusing a website or an application is, well, that depends on how the developer has constructed the interface. But to sum it up, UI is more concerned about the “look” of the website. It sees to it that everything about the website or application is appealing to audiences.

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Definition of Ux

On the other hand, UX stands for User Experience. This time, UX experts see to it that the interface is easy, practical, and convenient to use. It gives less importance to aesthetics and focuses more on the functionality of the interface design. “Experience” is something very crucial to any website, after all. This is because even though looks invite people in, it’s the experience that makes them stay.

Between the two, you should already know what needs prioritizing.

If it’s not obvious enough, it has got to be UX aka User Experience. Developing a website is all about creating the right experience for your audience. Sure, the physical aspect of your domain is important as it is what’s going to grab the attention of people when they first stumble upon your website. However, it’s not what’s going to make them stay.  Read more about this here:

Definition of UI

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Look at it this way.

You buy a new game. It’s the latest release of a gaming company you really adore so you’re really hyped about it. The graphics are superb, the storyline is admirable – everything looks and feels like a work of art. So you bought this game during the very first day of release and you hurry home to try it out. Ping, ping, ping! Just as you thought, everything looks perfect so you start hastily. Thirty minutes in and you still don’t understand the first thing about the controls; it’s too complicated. An hour later, you still can’t make sense out of anything so you give up. The very next day, you write very long and critical feedback on this game and you posted it online. You find out sooner than later that many gamers like yourself feel the same way.

So where does the problem lie here? Was it the gamers’ inability to comprehend? Or, was it the game developers’ failure to create a more user-friendly gaming experience?

I really think it’s the fault of the latter. This goes the same way for your website too. If you want your domain to “click” with its audience, you have to make it easier for users to interact with your website. UI developers will make sure that your website looks breathtakingly appealing. However, it is UX developers who will decide just how effective your website is in terms of creating an “experience” for users. According to City Tech web design, the functionality of your domain is just as important as its aesthetic look. When people have a better experience with your website, they will come back to it again and again.

This is why UI and UX developers must work hand in hand to make websites better. The UI developers will create the interface and make everything about the website appealing to the target audience and the UX developers would make sure that the website provides an experience that is just as beautiful as it looks.

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