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Business Advice for Potential Entrepreneurs in the On Demand Service Industry

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The world is running on demand. There is an on demand app for X everything.  The wonderful on demand apps make the most difficult things easy. These apps have given ordinary people a taste of what the elite upper class live like at a price they can afford. Whether it is a delivery that you want to be done or an errand you want to be run, you can safely bet that there will be an app for it, along with apps for a whole list of other services.

The success of Uber and other similar taxi apps have given entrepreneurs food for thought. Entrepreneurs have realised that the Uber concept can also be used for many other services apart from taxis.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs, then you need to study the characteristics of a successful on-demand app.

  1. Use technology that is transparent and provides a seamless experience for the customer.


On-demand apps run on world class state of the art technology such that facilities such as scheduling and delivery are efficient and timeous. Other features such as client ratings and reviews, information about the service, like price, and communication with the service providers can only be done through modern and efficient technology.

One outstanding app that has made use of technology to the hilt is the on demand dog walking app. This app provides certified dog walkers to clients using technology that is totally unique and completely customer oriented, such that the dog owner can track his dog in real time whilst he is with the walker at all times. The facility to contact the dog walker is also available. This unique feature actually proves how the startup understands the clients’ needs and how they miss their pet whilst they are away.

Similarly, the on-demand delivery app also has a lot of technology involved from the initial search for a courier to the parcel delivery and subsequent payment and reviews.

  1. Make Flexibility the King of your on demand business


One of the reasons why the on demand service industry is so successful is because of the as and when required availability of the service that usually requires a commitment from the client. Rather than looking for, interviewing, hiring and then trying to build a relationship with the provider, it is easier just to get the service by tapping the on demand service apps.

Let’s have a look at the babysitting on demand app or even on demand doctor app. think how many interviews you would have to take to get the perfect and suitable one for your needs.

By getting a professional to look after your child as and when required means you do not have to hire one full-time sitter but request the services as and when you require them. This way is not only cost effective but also saves time that would otherwise be spent interviewing for one, and then starting the process all over again when they resigned.

  1. Affordability and Convenience


The majority of on-demand services thrive by providing a service that is considered expensive at reduced rates. The common man can now request services that were considered luxurious once upon a time.

A service that is provided by posh hotels is laundry. Most of us do not use the hotel laundry service because of its cost. However, the laundry services on demand provide a pickup, wash, iron and returned laundry to your home, giving users that five-star hotel experience at a fraction of the cost.


If you are looking for ideas on how to be the next Uber, try answering the following questions.

  1. What does the normal person do every day?

Uber was conceived because of two men who wanted a taxi could not get one. That is how the idea was born. Taxi is an everyday service but these two men did not get one when they most required it.

In the same way look at services that people want every day and then think of how you can make them better and efficient.

For inspiration, just look around you and see where people are struggling on a daily basis. Identify areas where technology can be used to hasten things up, save money and make things efficient.

  1. Are there stagnant markets?

Services such as car washing and home cleaning are everyday services that haven’t seen development in years. Don’t look for grand ideas when the solution is very near to your doorstep. Even a small improvement in the way you deliver a service can become the pillar for the success of your business.

  1. Are you ready to invest in a digital marketing strategy?

On-demand services are solely reliant on technology and that is why you need to have a strong digital marketing strategy to attract new customers.

New on-demand startups usually have opening first-time use offers and discounts. Uber, for example regularly has an offer of a free ride for anyone who downloads their app. Similarly, there are many on-demand services that offer good discounts and offers to attract new clientele. Many have referral programs for rewarding their existing clients for referring the service provider to friends, family and colleagues.

A strong digital marketing strategy is also important for any startup as it gives them the opportunity to showcase their personality. The pink moustache on the Lyft cars has identified the brand as fun and funky and definitely not white collared.

On a final note, it is safe to say that for anyone to venture into the on-demand industry, they need to have a thirst for efficiency, be innovative and have a passion for trying out new technology.

On demand start-ups provide a personal service at economic rates, thereby making people’s lives easier on a small budget. It also creates a lot of employment opportunities in many service areas that have been stagnant for a long time.

If you have an idea and wish to explore it further, all you need to do is contact a good developer who will breathe life into your concept and make your idea a successful reality.

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