Deter Burglars from Entering Your Home by Implementing These 3 Security Measures

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Your home is a place of safety, acceptance, and love. At least that’s the way it should be. But if a burglar were to come in, your loved ones and your possessions would be put in immediate danger. Sadly, not too many people realize this, and by remaining passive about it, they are essentially sitting ducks for those whose intentions are not exactly the purest you can imagine.

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Luckily, this can be prevented to a reasonable degree by installing one or more home security solutions that are readily available on the market. Can you guess which ones we have in mind?

CCTV camera

Even the cheapest model available, when installed in a visible place, will discourage them from trying. In fact, some people place their bets on the scarecrow-effect and instead of buying the real thing, they simply buy a prop.

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If that’s the way you want to go about it when you’re on a tight budget, that’s completely fine. But in the current state of technology where you can buy quite a decent CCTV camera for next to nothing, why take the risk? If the burglars decide to try their luck and cause a mischief, the camera will capture the footage of their misdeeds which you can then present to the police.

Kick-proof doors

Your home security is only as strong as its weakest link. In other words, if the doors can be bent open with a car jack or kicked down with ease, this is no good, especially if you aren’t employing other home security solutions.

Therefore, your doors should be made of robust materials like metal or fiberglass. If you truly want to go to great lengths and make them as secure as possible, reinforced steel doors are the best ones you can go for. The downside of choosing them, however, is that they require a bit extra maintenance.

Alarm system

Installing an alarm system will immediately alert the authorities if an unauthorized individual decides to trespass on your property. Better yet, you get to be the one who chooses which areas of your home will be protected by it, so if you sleep in the upper chambers, you can simply set it to cover the ground floor.

Most people are intimidated by the technical aspect of installing it, but this easily remedied by sticking to the manual or watching a number of video tutorials posted online. If you really don’t want to install it yourself, you can always call Advanced Protection Systems or any other company willing to take the job, and they’ll take care of it for you.


As a final nugget of wisdom (and this one won’t cost you a thing to implement), try to not make it too obvious that you have something worth stealing in your home. Sometimes, this is the best line of defense. Together with the solutions we’ve laid in front of you, this should significantly improve your chances of staying safe from would-be burglars who will likely leave your humble abode alone and seek out another target instead.

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