6 Ways to Develop Your Local Business with Digital Marketing

Local Business with Digital Marketing

Local businesses have moved on from the physical brick and mortar stores to digital real estate, especially during the pandemic. Now they are directly competing with the multi-national conglomerates along with the nearby contemporaries.

While all enterprises aim for constant financial gains, few take the requisite steps to set a foundation for the same. Digital marketing opens up the arena for such firms to increase their visibility among the local community through a varied set of tools and platforms.

As a local business, you need to concentrate on identifying the strategies that target your customers within a predefined area. With a focused digital marketing agency in London, you could essentially create an inbound lead generation machine without the excess costs of traditional advertising.

Local Business with Digital Marketing

Here are six methods to grow your business right away.

1. Create a Google Listing

What’s your first reaction when someone talks about a place you’re unaware of? Google, right? Most people type out “___ near me” on Google for anything and everything they need. This is where your digital efforts come into play.

Google My Business allows you to list your business name, location, service, phone number, and other details on the platform. Consequentially, when a user searches for a combination of these parameters, your business is listed as a part of the results.

Furthermore, you can optimise the listing to accurately display all your information and rank higher with positive reviews as well.

  • Complete the sections comprehensively
  • Add quality photos that go well with the description
  • Ask customers to leave a review on Google (better yet, ask the loyal ones to use some keywords)
  • Create posts for your Business profile
  • Clear up any FAQs

2. Optimise for SEO

Local SEO affects the visibility of your business in an organic digital environment. As mentioned earlier, posting on Google My Business is an excellent start towards building authority as a thought leader in your community. You can further go on to –

  • Reply and react to the reviews left by the customers
  • Optimise your pages for voice search
  • Create content based on local news and practices
  • Build a mobile-friendly and responsive website
  • Use location-specific About Us page
  • Include the local keywords in all your digital collaterals
  • Get listed on online business directories
  • Accumulate high-quality backlinks from local influencers
  • Build dedicated pages for separate products and services

3. Audience Targeting Through Social Media Ads

Social media advertising gives you the power to zone in on your ideal customers by targeting their demographic and location information. This helps in accentuating your local presence while maintaining the bottom line.

Ads on Facebook and Instagram can further be optimised by –

  • Focusing on your local community and area by adding the relevant parameters within the campaigns
  • Creating a compelling call to action (CTA) that directs the viewer towards the next steps
  • Building an experimental funnel that optimises the conversation rate
  • Keeping a close check on the metrics to alter your strategy as and when needed

4. Email and Content Marketing

Content marketing is usually coupled with SEO techniques to achieve a higher ranking on the search engines. Apart from this, it also works towards building your expertise in the industry. For instance, filling the informational gaps between the consumer and your product in the form of blogs, how-to guides, carousels, infographics and videos can attract convertible leads and help you get better brand visibility.

Similarly, email marketing gives you direct access to the customer’s daily lives and allows you to repurpose the content above for building brand loyalty and capturing additional markets. You can either choose to keep a sign-up sheet at the checkout counter, create landing pages though social media apps or host events that lend you the attendees’ email addresses.

To augment the content creation process –

  • Post content that is related and valuable to your end consumer
  • Be consistent with your words and voice
  • Deploy a varied set of formats to keep the viewers interested
  • Build an interactive and conversational style presence
  • Repurpose the content from different platforms for extended reach

5. Apply Social Listening

Digital marketing is not about just blabbering on everything you know and can do. An essential aspect of the strategy is to listen to your consumers and respond to them intuitively. By addressing your customer’s pain points, you can forge a deeper relationship with them while understanding the potential opportunities for expansion. It also encourages positive word of mouth, luring in a new audience at every front.

To apply and maintain social listening –

  • Listen to all the channels and platforms that your target audience is at
  • Conduct competitor research to learn from their mistakes
  • Collaborate with customer service and content marketing teams to get a holistic view
  • Take action and roll out the necessary changes by analysing patterns over time

6. Measure Your Growth

Now that you have all your gears and tactics in place, evaluate whether everything is going as per the plan. For instance, are you being listed for the right keywords on the search engines? And are those results converting into leads? By understanding your ROI and campaign performance, you can segregate between the activities that worked out for you and the parts that didn’t. The key is to modify your approach in line with the analysis to get maximum visibility.

Local business analytics can be put to play by –

  • Connecting your website with Google Analytics
  • Deciphering the data based on preset parameters and objectives
  • Keeping a check on the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Managing your ad spends by budgeting the bids for the lowest CPC


As a local business owner, building a digital marketing plan that aligns with your financial objectives is imperative to survive in the current market. By applying the techniques mentioned above, you can build a brand, improve customer awareness, increase web traffic, and track your goals in real-time to come out on top of the game.

Remember to show up often and reach out to the people who matter to your consistently. If you keep a customer-oriented ideology, the user shall eventually display brand-specific advocacy.

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