Different Types of Real Time GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Tracking

Real-time is one of today’s most popular street words. Among much current advancement, the development of real-time GPS trackers is one of them. There are many types of real-time GPS trackers available in the market. For your business need, choosing the right one needs some serious consideration.

Here are the types, choose wisely what your business needs? How can you take benefit from GPS tracking?

Data Loggers

It’s an electronic device that records data over time or location with a built-in instrument or sensor. They generally small, battery powered, portable, internal memory for data storage, sensors & equipped with a microprocessor.

The product which needs to be monitored, GPS data loggers should attach to them. The loggers are fitted with a memory chip through which it stores details of the position of the product at regular time intervals. The device is then removed from the product being monitored when needed and the data is downloaded from the memory chip for analysis purpose or for any other reason.

The GPS fleet tracking devices can be used as data loggers. The data from the loggers can be downloadable every day or after a given assignment to help in reporting and better control over the fleet. If you are running a car rental business, you must use data loggers to analyze if the car was driven beyond the agreed place of hire.

Data Pushers

Data pushers are real-time GPS tracking devices that gather the information about the place of various products as needed. Usually, through GPRS mobile technology, Data Pushers allow sending the text of the details of place at predetermined intervals. After logging, Data pushers allow real-time tracking of the product.

In GPS fleet tracking devices, data pushers enable the fleet managers to regularly know the place of their vehicles. For the people who are running the cab business, the data pushers real-time GPS tracking devices help a lot and used to regularly monitor the taxis and therefore allocate cabs in a more cost-effective manner. The data pushers are also used when temporarily tracking a car or resource in transit for protection reason. The people tracking the movement can know if the resource or car diverges and they can take instant response.

Data Pullers

Data pullers are another real-time GPS tracking device. It queries the location of various assets, items or cars whenever the need arises. These are popularly known as GPS data transponders. If data pushers run out of power, these can be used as a backup. In case of theft of car or assets, they are used. The monitoring administrative end of the solution is able to query the place of a given product and get similarly info.

The product is therefore ideal for companies that hire out cars commercially as it acts as extra security to protect such hired vehicles. The puller GPS fleet tracking devices can also be used to analyze the speeds of cars and this is usually used by road rules enforcers to ensure that drivers adhere to the speed limits.

Finding the perfect system for your needs is mostly a matter of analyzing how you’ll use the tracking system and determining which one will fit in your budget. To know more about the types and varieties of GPS tracking device visit Meilleur gps.

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