Six Reasons why Digital Signage Display Screens are so Popular

Digital Signage Display

Have you considered switching from traditional to smart marketing? Nowadays, the majority of customers prefer digital content instead of standard billboards and marketing campaigns including flyers, brochures, and telemarketing.

Therefore, most businesses increase brand awareness by using digital signage. These flat LCD screens feature any type of content, making sure the messages of brands are attention-grabbing and engaging. Such screens can be seen in front of clothing stores, restaurants, retail shops, on the street, etc. These have become a magnet for passersby, stimulating them to make impulse purchases.

There are numerous reputable companies, such as thinkpm, specializing in print project management services. These experts customize digital signage to the preferences of clients.

Digital Signage Display Screens

Learn more about why this system has become so popular among businesses.

Eye-catching displays

Digital signage displays have become a widely used advertising tool owing to their vividness and eye-catching character. These screens are more effective at grabbing the attention of passersby when compared to traditional billboards. The power of LED displays is much greater than the few light bulbs used to make regular billboards attention-grabbing.

Furthermore, businesses are provided with an opportunity to customize digital signage in a way it appeals to their target audience. Brands create impressive displays in vivid colours to promote their services, products, or social events. These are absolutely beneficial for the promotion of fairs, music festivals, art gallery exhibitions, etc. It’s almost impossible for passersby not to be appealed by the content featured on the screen. In fact, most individuals stop to have a look at the displayed message, which rarely happens with billboards.

Content update opportunities

Another reason why digital signage displays have become amazingly popular is the opportunity for frequent content updates. Unlike other public advertising methods, these put businesses in charge of screen modification whenever they find it necessary.

For instance, most businesses opt for content updates when announcing sales, promoting new products, making special offers, informing about holiday shopping time, etc. It only takes moments for the advertisement to be changed on all screens at different brick-and-mortar locations. It’s paramount for businesses to be consistent in terms of brand promotion, by ensuring all displays are modified at the same time, advertising the same message.

In addition, restaurants and bars stand to benefit from digital signage because of the opportunity for automatic content modification. This unique software allows restaurant and bar owners to display happy hour offers, lunch specials, live music events, and menu prices. Given such offers are repetitive in terms of days and hours, businesses find digital signage highly convenient. Read here about the function of digital signage and the industries that make the most use of this advertising method.

Digital Signage Display Screen

Encourage impulse purchases

Digital signage displays have become a favorite means of advertising of all kinds of stores because of their ability to encourage impulse buys. For example, clothing stores use these vivid screens to promote low-cost items such as socks or T-shirts, whereas grocery stores use them to offer food products at discount.

Moreover, such daily promotions grab the attention of potential buyers and motivate them to make a purchase. Plenty of people are impulse buyers, buying products just because they liked the advertisement or were appealed by the budget-friendly, discounted price of goods. Irrespective of the reason, impulse purchases have proven to boost revenues.

Digital signage screens are believed to induce curiosity in buyers and passersby much more than traditional forms of advertising. Nowadays, these displays are more effective than mannequins in clothing stores or product displays in electronics stores.

Digital Signage Display

Keeping customers engaged while waiting

Long queues are among the most common things that make individuals frustrated when shopping. Not everyone has the patience to wait for their turn, which is why many customers decide to leave the store, bar, or restaurant. However, people are less irritated and willing to leave the location when entertained in a certain way.

Digital signage displays are excellent at keeping customers engaged while waiting in a queue by focusing their attention on the content on the screen. Therefore, an increasing number of restaurants have started using such displays for the purpose of featuring their menus.

While people wait to be seated, they get familiar with the menu and meal prices, hence having their minds occupied. This marketing strategy allows customers to choose a meal while waiting, thus not wasting time deciding what to order when finally seated.

In contrast, retail stores place digital signage screens in close proximity to tills. The content on the displays doesn’t necessarily have to be about the products sold in the store but sharing local weather info, news, community events, etc. As long as customers are distracted from their frustration, it doesn’t matter whether the purpose of the content is strictly promotional.

Highly durable

Another reason why digital signage has won the hearts of many businesses is its outstanding durability. These screens aren’t as susceptible to damage as standard billboards, made from Light Emitting Diodes (LED) instead of vinyl like in the case of normal billboards.

In view of maintenance, digital signage screens are incredibly convenient to maintain, saving businesses both time and money. Conversely, standard billboards are more demanding to maintain because of the use of light fixtures, not LED panels.

Cost-effective solution

The cost-effectiveness of digital signage displays even further appeals to business owners looking for a means of advertising. After making an investment in such a system, owners of retail stores and restaurants are capable of making extra profits by selling the marketing space to other brands, which are compatible with their products and services.

Additionally, this form of smart marketing has proven more affordable than old-fashioned marketing campaigns. Instead of hiring an in-house team of marketers, company owners are only supposed to hire a company that specializes in making customized screens. You won’t spend money on employees’ salaries, printing, or waste material removal.

Final word

Always strive to keep up with marketing trends.

Digital content is what customers prefer nowadays!

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