Download & How to Use Whatsapp for PC/Computer (Windows 8/7/XP)

How to Use Whatsapp for PC
Whatsapp App. which is an Instant Messaging Service For the Android and other Smartphones. Whatsapp is the One of the Best Messaging Apps Around. It is also the Big Popular Messaging App. which is Trending more and more on the Market nowadays. It also Lets you to Talk to your Family, Friends, Groups and can Send Images, Videos, Audios, Mp3, Voice talks and many more ..!! Bla Bla

It is also Named as the Whatsapp Messenger ..!!Now, about the Main Topic, Now you can Use Whatsapp Right on your PC too.

Hey all, You already all Know about the Whatsapp for Android n you are Using too all, But Did you know that you can Use your Whatsapp on PC or Whatsapp for PC?

Listening to this is somehow Sounds Creepy, but it is Really True that You can Also Download and Use Whatsapp on the PC or Whatsapp for the PC.
Today I am Gonna Show you and Cover all the Topics and the Related Questions about How to Use Whatsapp On the PC or How to Download Whatsapp for PC here !! (So Just Sit Back, Relax and Read it) (& Take a Cup of Coffee too) haha !!!

A Software’s Company Recently Launched a Software’s which is Called as the BlueStacks (i am also Using it too) and it is so Good Awesome Applications to Use Whatsapp on the PC or Whatsapp for the PC. Personally Satisfied with Me too !!

BlueStacks which is a Software Applications for PC where from that you can Download and Use any Play Store or MAC Applications on the PC. BlueStacks is Basically & Completely For the PC.

From BlueStacks Software’s Application, you can then Use by Download Whatsapp for the PC & Whatsapp on the PC App.

Now, the Main Topic is How it Works and How to do that:-

1. First, Download BlueStacks on the PC here:-

For this, you have an Average Internet Connection on your PC to Use Whatsapp for PC or Whatsapp on the PC. Because BlueStacks is the Online Service to Use Applications Online. So, Now First Go to the Search Page and Start Typing Download BlueStacks PC. then, on the First Search Result Go to the Page & Download BlueStacks on your PC.

2. Now, Then Download it Fully & Install it too:-

For Downloading it Properly you have a Good Internet Connection to Download Fast. Now, when you Download it for PC, it will also Make it their Files and the Desktop Icons on your Desktop or on your Startup Menu.

3. Then, Go to the BlueStacks App. & Login Gmail Account:-

Go to the BlueStacks App., make your Account there just same like your Android Smartphones. If you have your Exciting Account already Using Gmail then you can Put there in the Exciting Account Section and Login to it, otherwise, you can also Make a New Gmail Account their too. It’s So Simple.

4. Then, Search for the Whatsapp For PC over on Search there:-

So, then you should have to Search for the Whatsapp in the Search Section over there to Find the Whatsapp on your PC or to Use Whatsapp for the PC.

5. Then, you Find the Whatsapp App, there & Download it:-

Now, Go to the Whatsapp App. for PC or Whatsapp on the PC and then, Download the Whatsapp Messenger App. over there and then, Install Whatsapp on your PC Properly.

6. That’s it, Done.

*NOTE*:- If you know, How to Download Apps from the Android’s Google Play Store, then you can Install Apps on BlueStacks too.
So, Just Download now and you can Start Massaging your Family and Friends Using the Whatsapp on your PC.!

Now you can Use Whatsapp for your PC too and Use the Whatsapp on your PC. (Send Messages on WhatsApp for Free Right from your PC) !!

all these incredible Features, now on your PC! (Group Chats, Send Photos & Videos, Share Locations)

Install WhatsApp Free on your PC Today!!  Download the BlueStacks here also.

Hope you Won’t Find any Difficulty while Following Guide to Download Whatsapp For the PC or Whatsapp on the PC.

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That’s all! Hope I will Cover all the Topics here. If you Find anything Missing here, Write in the Comment Below or Share on the Official TechwithGeeks Mail Id there also ..!!


Stay Connected for the more Updates ..!!

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