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Share it gives the ability to share the files anywhere, anytime & to any device. Shareit its app is a free file sharing app that works across multiple operating systems. This is the innovative way to transfer files in just a flash, this makes USBs, Bluetooth, Emails, and text messages to stay idle.

The Major advantage of share app is, this does not require any mobile data or Wifi connection to transfer any kind of files.

Features Of Shareit App

The shared app has many features in it to be experienced by every users of the app, below are the useful features of it.

  • Share photos, Videos, Music files, Documents and much more between all of your devices.
  • This does not require any internet connection on any devices to transfer any sort of files.
  • It takes the fraction of seconds to transfer any files between any devices.
  • It consumes very less space to install the shareit app in any android devices or PC.
  • This does not require any cables, USBs, wifi for conveniently transfer of any files.
  • The size of the file or folder does not matter at all, Shareit app will transfer files easily from android phone to phone, phone to PC, PC to phone.

How To Download Shareit App For PC

Shareit app is now available for windows 7, windows 8, 8.1 & windows 10 PC’s.Previously the shareit app was available for android, iphone & windows phone only. There is a high demand of this app from users. This version is now launched by the official developers of the app.

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The Shareit app has made our life easy than before, which makes easy transfer of files from one Android device to other android device and PC to PC without any limitations in it. Now let us see the methods to download shareit app on PC as well as shareit app for mac.

Officially Mac does not have permissions to add a shareit app, but still, it’s possible to do it.

Shareit For PC Free Download – Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Lenovo’s Shareit app is made available collectively for Android, iPhone, Windows phone & Windows OS.

STEP 1: Visit the official website of Lenovo Shareit

STEP 2: Click on download in the menu bar.

STEP 3: Here the working official link to download the Shareit  app for desktop version will be available.

STEP 4: Just download it and install the same into the system.

STEP 5: After the download, the shareit setup wizard will appear. Click on next to continue.

STEP 6:  Now click on “I Agree” to continue and the final page will appear and click on “Install” and finally “Finish”.

The shareit app for PC is now downloaded and it is all ready to use.

Easy Ways To Use Shareit On PC:

  1. Start the Shareit app from the start menu or from the shortcut icon place on the desktop
  2. Now click on “Connect Android Device” which is placed below as the image shown below.
  1. The next step is the user must start this app on the Android device or iPhone and click on “connect PC”. Refer the image below.
  1. The list of available devices will be shown in the device, and select the name of the PC or laptop the user is searching for.
  1. Finally, the connection will be established and it is now ready to transfer and share any file the user needs.

These are the easy steps to download and share the files between Android phones to PC, Windows phone to PC, PC to any Phone.

Shareit App Download For Mac

The Shareit app is not available for Mac officially, but there are some unofficial but trust worthy methods to download shareit app for Mac or Macbook very easily. The best method to do this is to use “Android Emulator Software” like andyroid.

Android is easy to use Android Emulator program which is easily made available for Mac devices.


STEP 1: Visit the official website and download the Andy program.

STEP 2: Follow the instructions of the software on the Mac device and click on “Next” until the final page.

STEP 3: Now the Page will redirect to connect with the Google account, which is safe for the user to follow this step.

STEP 4: Now the Android operating system will be available on the Mac for the easy use.

STEP 5: It’s now easy to download Shareit app like downloading it in any other devices.

STEP 6: Visit the official website of Lenovo’s Shareit.

STEP 7: Click on the download button in the menu bar.

STEP 8: Now the official link to download the shareit app for the desktop version will be available and click on it.

STEP 9: Download the app and install it on the Mac.

STEP 10: The Shareit setup wizard will now appear and click on
“Next” to continue. And move on to other pages and reach till “Finish”.

STEP 11: The shareit app is now available in the start menu and a shortcut icon will be available in the desktop.

The shareit app will be ready for Mac and the files & folders can be transferred from any device as done in PC and Android phones.


After the download of shareit app is complete on PC/Mac, let’s see the best features of shareit app in PC and Mac

  • File transfers are much faster, i.e 50 times faster than any Bluetooth transfer methods.
  • It consumes very less battery power.
  • It works on all devices with inter-platform connectivity.
  • Shareit app is much better when compared to apps like Xander, Zapya etc.
  • Stop using alternate USBs in PC/Mac and mobile phones.

The download of Shareit app is all easy as the above. Feel the change of the innovation of Lenovo and the ease of life is all in the hands of the people.

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