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Hello Guyz! We are back with another article which can be helpful for you. There are millions of peoples are using smartphones in their regular life. We all are sharing our personal and private things with each other in smartphones. A long time ago we had to go too far for bank work, bill payments, documents submissions and for all other document works. But now we can do these all works at home with the help of our smartphones.

Sometimes we save and share some private, personal and precious details in our smartphones for these works. But the main thing is that How can we secure these files and information on our smartphones. That’s why we have come with a very useful and protective software which can resolve your all the security problems.

Actually, We are talking about Zanti App. Zanti is a penetration testing toolkit developed by Zimperium Mobile Security for cybersecurity professionals. Basically, it allows you to simulate malicious attacks on a network. With the help of zANTI, you will be able to perform various types of operations such as MITM attacks, MAC address spoofing, scanning, password auditing, vulnerability checks and much more. In short, this android toolkit is a perfect companion of hackers.

zanti apk

ZANTI apk is one of the useful and most trusted mobile applications that helps to manage the security of the content of your mobile and detects the danger level on the network. This mobile penetration toolkit finds the attacker that is intended to hack your internet connection or causing problems by sending malicious files. This kit detects the danger, being created by other organizations or networks to hack your data, by going through various password cracking and penetration tests. You can download the APK from the link mentioned below.

Download Installation apk from this link

Zanti app: Introduction

Smartphones have become an important and integral part of our day-to-day lives. They are used for every task – shopping, ordering food, booking cabs and movie tickets, making payments, connecting with people in remote areas and many more. Moreover, we store a ton of confidential information, such as bank details, passwords and credit card details, etc. Despite this, normally, we stay careless about the overall safety of the data we store on the smartphones. No doubt, various safety measures are built-in the smartphones, but, sometimes, even these measures also fail. So, for The sake of the safety of the important data in our smartphones, Zanti app, has been developed. Zanti is a penetration testing toolkit, being developed by Zimperium Mobile Security for the cybersecurity professionals. Zanti simulates the malicious attacks on the network. It is one of the most secure applications. Zanti app provides the most effective online security. The maximum danger is through the internet, as you receive malicious files either via email or some other means to hack your internet to get the access to your personal and confidential data. Therefore, Zanti app will penetrate into your internet connection and fetches all the loopholes present in your internet privacy.

Important features of Zanti app

Zanti app is developed by the professionals and cybersecurity managers to aid the security of the smartphones. It responds to the malicious attacks on your internet connection. Here are some of the features, of Zanti app, that will clarify why Zanti app is most preferred.

  • Zanti app scans all the MAC addresses available on your network and then, perform the evaluation, etc.
  • Zanti detects all the loopholes in the system and on the network.
  • It increases your online security and also ensures your variability.
  • It fetches all the dangerous files from all your Email accounts and all your social media accounts like, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.
  • It scans all the available addresses on your network
  • It then notifies if there is any dangerous address or the person that is intended to attack your security.
  • The scanning and finding of malicious files performed by Zanti can view Live.

Important tools of Zanti app

1. Wi-Fi Cracking

The Wi-Fi scanner in this app scans the nearest possible Wi-Fi networks and then shows green access points that have their default key generation algorithms. By clicking on any green access point, you can easily crack the key. Various supported models are – Thomson, DLink, Huawei, Verizon FiOS, Pirelli Discus, etc.

2. Trace
This tool performs a trace-route on the target.

3. Port Scanner
On a single target, open ports can be found quickly with the help of an syn port scanner.

4. Inspector
This tool performs deep detection on the target’s Operating system. Though its services are slower than Syn port scanner but it is more accurate.

5. Vulnerability Finder
This tool searches for the known vulnerabilities, of the target running services, upon the National Vulnerability Database.

6. Login Cracker
It supports login cracker upon a very fast network that
Provides many different services.

7. Packet Forger
It crafts and sends a custom TCP or UDP packet to the Target, such as Wake-On LAN packets.

8. MITM (Man-in-the-middle)
The app consists of a set of “man-in-the-middle” tools that are used to command and conquer the whole Network.

9. Simple Sniff
With the help of this device, this app redirects the target’s traffic and also shows the stats while dumping it to a “pcap” file.

10. Password Sniffer
This tool sniffs the passwords of many protocols such as HTTP, FTP, IMAP, maps, IRC, man, etc. from the target.

11. Session Hijacker
This tool listens to the cookies on the network and hijacks the sessions.

12. Kill Connections
This tool kills the connections to prevent the target from reaching any website or server.

13. Redirect
It redirects all the HTTP traffic to some other address.

14. Replace Images
It replaces all the images on the webpages with the specified ones.

15. Replace Videos
It replaces all the YouTube videos on the webpages with the specified ones.

16. Script Injection
It injects a JavaScript in every visited webpage.

17. Custom Filter
It replaces the custom text on the web pages with the specified ones.

Requirements of Zanti App

1. Arm: The device must have ARM CPU.

2. Gingerbread: The Android device must have at least the 2.3, i.e., Gingerbread version operating system.

3. Root: The device must be rooted.

4. BusyBox: The device must have every utility installed, i.e., there must not be any partial installation. The device must have BusyBox fully installed.

How to get started with Zanti? (Installation Guide)

1. Download Apk Installation file


2. Once the download is complete, Click on the Apk (Android Installation) File.

3. Enable Unknown Sources on your device. For this, Follow these steps : Settings>Security>Device Administration>Unknown Sources>Check

4. After this, Check the Unknown Sources. Then, tap OK to continue.

5. Then, start the installation. For this, tap NEXT and then, tap INSTALL.

6. While the installation is in progress, Accept Google Check.

7. After this, the installation is completed. Hence, Application Installed. Open Zanti.

8. Now accept the ROOT PRIVILEGES so that you can have fully functional Zanti.

9. For Community Users:

Input your Email address.

Accept the EULA

Join the Security Feed

Then, tap START.


In case you have already purchased Zimperium Mobile Threat Defense, then you might be provided credentials by the Zimperium Administrator. Now, Login with these Credentials.

10. Now, tap ENABLE. With this, you will now be a part of the global Zimperium Threat Intelligence Network.

11. Then, Zanti will verify the entered credentials by making contact with zCloud.

12. After the successful authentication, Zanti will direct you through some basic Tutorials. Tap NEXT.

13. Then, there appears a box titled ENABLE  ZANTI. Mark it if you are fully authorized for the penetration test.

14. Tap FINISH.

15. After the completion of the installation process, Zanti will start a network mapping automatically.


How to use ZANTI for Hacking?


Zanti comes with numerous features as discussed above. But the question arises here is HOW TO USE THEM? The answer to this question is mentioned below.

Are you ready to start hacking? Let’s Start.

Download the App and register as mentioned above.

Now get connected to a Wi-Fi network and start the scanning process.

Wait until the scanning is not completed. Once the scanning is done, you will see some open Ports that will indicate the connected devices.

Then, choose any one device that you want to Hack. If you are interested in hacking all the Devices, then select the entire network.

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When you open the device, few options will pop- Up on the screen:

Scan – The Scan option will perform an advanced scanning on the target and the Type of scan can be specified.

Connect to remote port – It is a very amazing option as it allows the attacker to directly connect to the available open ports And set up the connection. On opening this option, available ports will appear and it is 80, i.e., HTTP port, but there Could be many more.

Password complexity audit

MITM – This is another interesting option. By selecting this option, all the traffic of the target goes through your device, i.e., you can control the traffic requests of the target and thus is named as MAN-IN- THE-MIDDLE. To perform MITM attack, simply tap on the Option and a new tab will appear. Choose the
functions that you wish to enable by making MITM attack.

Vulnerabilities check

Then, there comes an option REDIRECT HTTP. It simply redirects you to another website.


Lastly, there is CAPTURE DOWNLOAD. This option helps you to keep track of every file the target downloads, and you can even intercept the downloading.

Enable MITM and wait for a while until the victim opens up the browser and gets connected to the web. When everything goes alright, then, there appears “IP is vulnerable to MITM attack.” This means that now the victim’s device is vulnerable to sniffing, session, and password hijacking and many such functions offered by Zanti.

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Hacking must be done in a fun way. Never use it to harm anyone, and try not to share the personal data of the victim.

Final Words:

Zanti is a penetration test toolkit which has been developed by Zimperium Mobile Security for Cybersecurity professionals. With this app, you can perform Various functions like MITM attacks, Wi-Fi cracking, password auditing, MAC address spoofing, and many more. This is an Android App designed for hackers but, the hacking must not be performed with the bad intention.

The legacy of this app is to perform hacking as a fun task, and it must be maintained. I hope you guys might like this article.

Do let me know was hacking fun at you?

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