How to use the EaseUS data recovery wizard?

Data recovery

In the modern era, the data stored on storage devices play a vital role in our day to day life. Data that is stored on the SD card can be deleted due to many reasons. One might accidentally delete the file or format the SD card to increase space. The data that is deleted accidentally can be recovered by the recycle bin as well.

But in case the file was removed due to the formatting of the SD card, then it cannot be retrieved quickly without the aid of additional software. Sometimes due to technical glitches or slow operation, we format the SD card. The formatting of the SD card can erase essential data that was stored in it.

Data recovery

That is why we need software that can not only scan the files that were stored in the SD card before the formatting was done but also can recover or restore the files in the original format. This is what EaseUS data recovery wizard does to help users recover their important files that were deleted accidentally.

Types of files that can be retrieved by EaseUS data recovery wizard

  • Text or document file:- Word document or text files that are stored on SD cards are official records, and loss of such essential documents or data can be critical. EaseUS Data recovery software can recover and restore .doc or .txt files quickly.
  • PowerPoint document:- Presentations are generally made in PowerPoint, and the loss of presentation files can be a huge loss for the sales and marketing team. The software can scan such presentation files after scanning and gives users the freedom of choice to select and recover the data with a single click.
  • Recovery of Spreadsheets:- Data records are generally stored in Excel sheets. These spreadsheets store huge amounts of data. These missing or inaccessible files can be recovered in an original format using EaseUS Data recovery software.

Step by step procedure to Download free data recovery Software

EaseUS data recovery wizard is available in the free version as well as a pro version. Users can download the software as per their needs and requirements. To download free data recovery Software they need to follow the following steps:-

Step 1:-Please click the link as given below

Step 2:-If you have windows operating system, then click on the button that displays Free download. (By free version users can recover up to 2GB data only).

**In case you have Mac operating system click the link that says Go to Mac version.

Step 3:-Once the software is downloaded, run the executable file by double click and click on positive responses that appear on the screen.

Step 5:- Click the Finish button when the installation is complete.

Salient Features of EaseUS data recovery wizard

Interactive User Interface:- The user interface is designed and developed keeping the ease of use in mind. The interactive guide helps the users to use the EaseUS software tools effectively.

Easy to download and use:- The size of software consumes less disk space, and the performance of the software is excellent.

Users can download the EaseUS data recovery wizard free from the internet in case they want to restore data up to a 2GB limit. Exceeding the data restoration limit, they need to upgrade to the pro version.

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