Electric vs Gas Lawn Mower

Electric vs gas lawn mover


The electric mower and the gas mower perform well on different types and sizes of lawn. An electric mower works great on a flat lawn of small size while a gas lawn mower performs well on a lawn with thick and tall grass. Similarly all other types of mowers like a battery one or a self-propelling one have their specialities.

The basic principle of operation is the same for the electric mower as for gas mowers only their motors operate using a different method. Following are some of the features that must be considered to decide the pros and cons of both the electric as well as the gas lawn mower.

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Electric vs gas lawn mover

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  1. The source of power for cutting

The gas mower will use the gas and oil stored in the gas tank and the reservoir to power its engine. You must use the right gasoline to refill the tank when empty or when left unused for a few months. The gas, when left unused for months, requires to be replaced over time. The exhaust produced from the combustion is not at all pleasant. Greenworks 25142 is a popular electric lawn mower. You can check the Greenworks 25142 review on homegearable.com.

The electric mowers use batteries that you can charge from garage outlets. The corded version of electric mowers had a cord that took power from charging outlets to the mower. However these mowers are becoming rare as the electrical cord, and the blades of the mower are not a right combination for apparent reasons. The battery needs to be maintained, and you have to charge them from time to time even if you do not use them regularly. The battery performance is affected over time if the battery gets exposed to extreme temperature conditions.

  1. Size of the lawn

The gas mower is ideal for medium or small sized lawn. It will keep working as long as you use the right gasoline.

The electric mowers typically perform for approximately an hour when you charge the battery fully. After this, it starts winding down thus it is ideal for small and medium size lawns.

  1. Noise produced by the lawn mowers

The gas lawn mowers produce loud sounds despite having an efficient engine. This can cause a problem if you use it in your neighbourhood.

However, in comparison to this electric lawn mowers are quieter.

  1. Operation of the mowers

You can efficiently operate an electric mower; however, less area of mowing is possible as compared to gas mowers.

  1. Maintenance of the mowers

Electric mowers require less maintenance than gas mowers. You have to place the battery in the exact slot and engage the safety key in its slot and then press the start button. You have to replace the battery only once in several years. You need to keep the mower clean

The gas mowers require a lot of maintenance like replacing fuel filters, spark plug and many other parts. They take quite a long time to start.

  1. Price of the mowers

The cost of electric mowers and gas mower are mostly the same. However, you have to buy oil and gas for the gas mowers and the electric mower does not involve any such cost.

The weight of the mowers

The electric mowers are lighter in weight than gas mowers. This is because the gas engine is heavier than batteries. Weight is merely a structural fact.

  1. Safety while using the mowers

Both the electric as well as the gas mowers come with safety features. However, the gas lawn mowers can cause safety issues if you mishandle it.


In the recent era, the best two options for mowing your lawn is either by using an electric lawnmower or a traditional gas mower. Thus this unavoidable debate comes up every time a person needs a lawn mowing.

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