5 Elements of a Security System You Can Rely On


Home security systems are designed with one goal in mind, and that is to keep you and your family safe. There are many great security systems on the market, and each one should have essentially the same components. There are five main areas that each security system should have, and these serve as a great starting point for you to learn more about what to look for when making your purchase.

Motion Sensors and Glass Break Detectors

Motion sensors are one of the key elements of any home security system. The purpose of the motion sensor features is to alert you that an intruder has tripped one of the sensors. When the home security system detects the motion, a signal is sent to the main control panel, and then the monitoring center is alerted. Systems today are also using motion sensors in more innovative and creative ways. Sensors at the front door can trigger the doorbell inside your home as someone approaches.

Sensors can also capture movement outside the home and record video rather than just sounding an audible alarm. You can also use motion sensors to sound an alarm when windows or doors are opened, or even when your own kids enter areas of the home they should not be in.

Internet Security System

Glass break detectors are small sensors that are typically placed near the edges of glass doors or windows. The alarms are triggered by the frequency that the sound of breaking glass makes. These sensors are a great component of any home security system because they will alert you immediately if someone is trying to enter the home through a window or glass door.

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

The use of cameras as part of your home security system has evolved rapidly in recent years. You can now have cameras monitoring virtually every area of your home inside and out. The feed from the cameras can be streamed live to your smartphone or device. This can give you some peace of mind knowing that you can see what is happening in and around your home even if you are miles away. Many of the systems available today also record in 1080p high definition, and most systems allow you to store the video in a cloud server so you can have an archive of your security footage. You can find several options for security camera systems at www.apexcctv.com. It is good to shop and compare different systems to find the one that will best meet the needs of your home.

Signs and Stickers

An often overlooked part of a home security system is the signage and stickers that may or may not come with the system itself. The visibility of signs that warn potential intruders that there is a security system in place can be a very effective first deterrent. With the advancement of how home security systems work, most people know that even budget-friendly devices are difficult to get around. Signs that come with your home security system should be displayed in a very prominent area.

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It is likely that, besides yourself and family members, your home contains your most valuable possessions. Having a home security system installed is a proactive way to keep yourself, loved ones, and your possessions safe from potential intruders. Take the time to study and learn about the essential parts of each system before making your purchase.

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