Energetic Healing – What it is and How it Works?

Today’s society has become a playground for stress related issues. There are several treatments that tend to address the diseases in the best possible manner. Moreover, the unprecedented urbanisation has been the cause for the growing health issues. Thus, several alternative methods of treatment have come up. Of them, Energetic healing is one of the prominent methodologies among them. So, let us understand the basics of Energetic Healing and the related concepts.

Energetic Healing – The Concept

Energetic Healing forms part of the Complementary Therapy. A Complementary Therapy is what you use along with the regular treatment processes.

Technically speaking, energetic healing refers to the method of alternative medicine that helps you in rejuvenating the innate positive energy. Thus, it works by helping your body to rejuvenate itself by releasing the inner positive energy and letting your body cure itself.

How does energetic healing work?

Well, the definition itself should make it clear. However, please note that the alternative treatment process is to be carried out by an expert Energetic healer. It makes use of several techniques to release the positive energy from within your body. It works on the principle that our body has the innate capacity to heal itself.

When a person falls ill, his body system and the energy goes out of balance. And this imbalance is what creates the disease. Therefore, the cure lies in restoring this balance. The energetic healing does just that. It employs several techniques for the purpose. Some of them are Reiki, Angelic Healing, Crystal Therapy and Energy Cleaning.

Different techniques used in Energetic Healing

Reiki Healing – This is an ancient methodology that releases the internal positive energy. It helps you regain your balance effectively. However, do note that that Reiki can only be administered by a Reiki Practiotioner. The practitioner has gained the energy from a Reiki Master and the person who receives the Reiki treatment gets his energy attuned from the practiotioner.

Angelic Healing – Angelic Healing can aid you in inducing a feeling of comfort. It can be used to complement the treatment you are going through. In fact, Angelic healing can augment the effects of your existing treatment. Actually, you can feel the angels while receiving the treatment in the form of colors or a feeling of energy gushing though.

Crystal Therapy – Crystals have a soothing effect on the comfort of your body. Moreover, they can induce release of stress and pain. Crystals can hold and emit energy and its vibrations. Just like the crystals help your watch to keep time, they have an effect on the electromagnetic energy that your body has around or within it.

Energy Cleaning – Clearing your blocked energy is a sure way to be healthy. As such, several reasons can block your innate energy including ancestral influence and karmic debts. Thus, energy Clearing helps you free your body of the negative energy within your body.


Energetic Healing does not cost you much. We present the pricing structure of one of the popular energetic healers Caring Energetic healer here.

Plan A
This plan costs $ 150 AUD. The duration of the session would be of 60 minutes. You can choose one of the following modalities as per your preferences –

  • Energetic Healing session
  • Angelic intuitive guidance session
  • Spiritual education session

Plan B
The modalities you can choose for the session will be the same as in Plan A. However, the session will last for 90 minutes. Accordingly, it costs you $ 220 AUD.

Almost all energetic healing sessions should charge you on the similar lines.

The Verdict

The concept of energetic healing is here to stay. However, one point you should note is that one should use it as a complementary treatment process. We do not advocate choosing it as the only kind of treatment. It can be much helpful if used in conjunction with other regular treatment procedures. Also, energetic healing can have different results and effects in each individual as it depends upon the person concerned. Anyhow, it is one of the areas of complementary medicine that has been observed to provide best results.

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