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Have you ever faced difficulty reaching a website with a survey blocking your progress each time you log in? Today with the reach of the internet growing, people mostly rely on it for grabbing information, trading as well as shopping. But there are times when you try to reach a website but face restriction by a survey which you don’t want to answer. These surveys are actually created by marketers to gain reviews about their products or services. Some websites on the other hand also use surveys as a mode of making money. But as you might not be willing to enter your personal information, the next thing you need to do is bypass these surveys somehow. Though bypassing surveys doesn’t guarantee you reaching the content you are willing to view, but it is better than entering personal information on a website foreign to you.

5 most popular survey removers

Now how to bypass these surveys is the question haunting you. Well, it is quite easy with the following 5 methods and you might find one acting better than the other survey remover.

  1. Use NoScript Add-on: This NoScript add-on blocks surveys from running on the websites, though they don’t work all surveys but are highly reliable on those they work. While you search for this survey remover, remember that it is available only for Firefox and not for Chrome. For installation follow the steps:
    • Log on to Firefox and click Add-ons
    • Next type “NoScript” in the search box


  • Download and install Security suite NoScript to Firefox

Depending on the programming pattern of the survey, you will be able to make use of NoScript to bypass the same. Upon loading the page, you will come across a bar appearing at the bottom.  Click on the options button to twist what is being bypassed or blocked. However, this method does not guarantee you to bypass the survey successfully. In case the file which you are trying hard to access requires you to complete the survey, then you won’t be able to enjoy access to the file without completing it. For Chrome users, there are script blockers available but they are reviewed as less powerful than this NoScript Add-on available for Firefox.

  1. Survey Removal Bookmarklet: Survey removal bookmarklet XJZ is a link that you have to place in the bookmark bar of your PC or other devices enjoying internet connection. Now each time you log on to a site coming up with a survey, all you need to do is just click on the bookmark for removing the survey. This bookmarklet is available with the developer’s site for free. For using it:
  • Drag the link and simply drop it’s into your bookmark bar

Now that you have done so successfully, move ahead with your search. If suddenly you happen to come across a survey, click on this survey remover link. Once done, the website will be automatically reorganized and you will be able to view the content that was blocked by the survey. But remember that this will work only when the survey is blocking the content from viewing. In case the website requires you to fulfill the survey for viewing the content, then this remover stands out as vague. Also if you want to install the browser extension of XJZ survey Removal, you can do so but it will cost you a few bucks and doesn’t guarantee to work better than the link or the bookmarklet. So it is wise to save that money and use the bookmarklet only.

  1. Extraction of links from the site with the survey: For this, you need to visit the site using Google Chrome as Chrome includes the tool required for this program. It will help you with scanning the website for obtaining all the links contained in it thereby allowing you to find out the download link you were in search of without having to complete the survey. But remember that it works only if the site you need to access is on that very page in which the survey appears. For using this you need to follow these steps:
  • Log on to the site from Google Chrome
  • Click the right mouse button taking the cursor on the website selecting “Inspect element”. This will automatically open up the developer’s tools.
  • Now click the “Console Tab” located on the extreme corner of the tabs appearing at the top of the developer frame.
  • Copy and paste the URL code in the console to retrieve the page. urls = $$(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href ).Once done, press Enter.
  • You will now find a list of links related to the website. If the page you were searching in on the site, you will enjoy access to it by simply clicking on the appropriate link. Remember that links which end with .cc or .js are not downloadable. They instead link you to other website elements and hence can be ignored.
  1. Accessing Inspect element Function: Upon visiting any website requiring you to fill a survey, you can make use of any major web browser for accessing the Inspect element function. This function helps in disabling certain web elements like the survey. Follow the steps to use this function:
  • Take the cursor to the survey appearing and click the right mouse button: Now you have to choose the option “Inspect element” from the dropdown menu. This will take you to the developer window at the bottom of the browser and upon moving the mouse over the website; you will come across various highlighted objects on the screen.
  • It’s time to search for overlay and survey entries: Search for these two words “overlay” and “survey” in code. They are the ones restricting you from viewing the content page you want.
  • Now right-click on those entries which you are willing to disable: Click on entries appearing in the code which you need to delete. Select the option “Delete node” or “Disable element” for removing that object from the site.
  • Keep on repeating this for all survey elements.

But remember that besides removing the survey, you also need to remove the overlay preventing your interaction with the content you want to view. However, as removing overlay can lead to the removal of the page scrollbars, you can use a mouse coming with a scrolling function to continue with your work,

  1. Adhering to the use of Fake information: For this, you have to find a fake information generator. This program is useful in cases where you are unable to find any way suitable for bypassing the survey and get the content. Fake Name Generator.com is the most popular fake name generating site allowing you to get a fake identity consisting of name, address, occupation, phone number, and others. Once you generate a fake identity, you can fill the survey sheet using the same.

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Final Say

While these 5 removers are widely in use, you can check out another survey remover by searching in Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. You will surely come across one fitting your needs. But remember that there are sites where even after getting rid of one survey, another pops up. In such cases, you will need to fill the information to enjoy access to the content. However, while downloading add-on browser extension, check that your antivirus security software is updated because these add-ons can be harmful to your computer.

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