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Being a professional writer is not that easy as it looks like, as a writer you should have new ideas, new concepts, new words, and new thoughts every turning day and this can be a very challenging process. One of the alternates to this problem is rewriting or paraphrasing; this solution is referred to as the expression of words and phrases in a completely different way by keeping intact the meaning and the main idea of the original text.

Now our readers should know that rewriting or paraphrasing needs special skills and practice, and manually doing it is very crucial. Today’s content will all be about the best tool and technology that can help those of you decrease the burden of writing or rewriting.

The need for article rewriter tools

You must be thinking that why do we need article rewriter tools when we simply can manually rewrite or rephrase the content. This question is more commonly being asked these days why people have to rely on automated tools and technology when they can do the job themselves. It is quite evident that anyone can rewrite manually, but it can be a difficult job as it is both times consuming and requires a lot of practice, so not everyone can be an expert in it.

article rewriter

To rewrite a content you have to go through it more than two to three times so that you can understand every bit of it, you have to understand the main idea of the content, and then you also have to simply think of the vocabulary and the phrases that you have to use instead of the ones that are already being used. If you guys are not experts in this field or feel like it is not your cup of tea, then don’t be disappointed nor you should waste your time instead you should use the new technology and tools for article spinning/ essay rewriting that can help you with this problem within minutes.

Best article rewriter tool

It is true that there are dozens of free article rewriter tools on the web, but know that only one of them can be the best one and lucky for you, we have gathered all the essential details about the best rewriting tool on the web these days. Before telling you about this tool and its features, which make it the best one, we want you to know how it works and why you should trust it.

The article spinner tool, first of all, reads the content that you want to rewrite thoroughly and extracts the main idea from it. The tool simply consults its database for all the matching results and gathers all the essential information about the topic you need to rewrite on, and the tool will shortlist some synonyms and phrases that it would be using and when it has all the ingredients it needs it simply rewrites a completely new, simple and reader-friendly text using artificial intelligence and other advanced algorithms.

Article spinner by dupe checker

The article spinner or rewrite article tool by is the tool which is known to be the best one on the web these days and works on the procedure that we have mentioned above, and this tool is designed in an exceptional way that it created plagiarism and grammar error-free content for you guys. The tool is entirely free to use and is quite simple, so you don’t have to worry about any complications, you just have to enter input and get your new content within seconds of time. Below are some features of the tool that you should be familiar with.

Features of the rewriter tool by Dupli

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The tool is free to use, and you don’t have to go through any sign ups or formalities to use this tool for free.
  • There is no limit on rewriting with this tool, you don’t have to worry about any kind of formalities with this tool as you can rewrite as many articles as you want to in a single day and that for free too.
  • You can upload files instead of pasting text as input, the tool can accept multiple document formats, and this is the very reason it is also known as the most versatile tool on the web.
  • After creating the new text, the tool allows you to proofread it and check it for plagiarism and grammar mistakes. If you are not satisfied with the results produced, then you can simply spin the content again.
  • The tool can quickly help you create readable content; unlike other tools on the web, this one is capable of creating SEO-friendly content on which you can further work to get more audience and hence increase business.

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