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We all love games, and some of us are the hard gamer too. As we all know Android games are increasing day by day and because of the graphics and quality of the Android games. These games are becoming popular day by day. But the main problem faced by all Android gamers are that they need to pay money for unlocking features or buying something in games like coins. In these types of games if you are not able to do any mission or have wasted your all coins and points you can get a chance to buy new coins or unlocks but you have to pay for it in real cash.

About Freedom APP APK

So, today we are here with the whole new and popular app called Freedom app. This freedom app gives you freedom to buy coins and points, or any kind unlocks for your Android games, and if you are an Android gamer, then this app is like a heaven for you guys. Freedom app allows you to download coins, unlocks and cars for any most of the games, which you’ll not find on google play and if you found these unlock and coins on Google play store you have to pay for it. But by using freedom app, you can download any of these items for your android games without paying a single penny.

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So, that completely means that after installing Freedom app you will going to have unlimited coins, points and unlocks. In this article, we were going to tell you each and everything about Freedom app along with step by step installation process and also how to use this app on your android device easily. Now let’s talk about features of Freedom app.

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Features of Freedom app

Many users know about this app and are using it, there were many complaints regarding this app, but now it is completely solved all this app. Freedom app came with a new version of it which completely works well on Android Marshmallow and Lollipop. There are many apps like Freedom app rolling all over the internet, but you’ll not find an app APK like Freedom app. All those apps come with bugs and virus all these things, but We guarantee that freedom app is one of the best apps for getting unlimited coins or hacks for android games. As you all know it for Android games, so it is only available for Android users. Now let’s take a look at features.

    • It works with the most of the app but if it didn’t work with some apps don’t worry about it. It will go to work when next version comes.
    • It gives you the power to unlock the full version of apps.
    • It also helps you to unlock all the levels in the game without completing anyone.


  • Unlimited Coins and gems for games.
  • It uses in-app purchase for free apps and games.

As we discuss all the features of Freedom apps, but there is a lot more which will come soon in next version of Freedom app. Here are some games which will give you view that what freedom app can do, you can get unlimited coins for games like temple run or Subway surfers and can also get unlimited powers to use and much more stuff like this. Now let’s discuss what changes occurred in the new version of Freedom app APK. If you used this app previously, then it will help you to know what changes took place in the new app or why you should use them. But if you are not the old user then you can get an idea of what changes are going to occur in the new version of the app.

  1. The new version of Freedom app came with a completely fixed problem which happened in the previews version of lagging and crashing.
  2. They improved speed and UI of the app.
  3. They also fixed minor bugs.
  4. Improved stability and more stable now.
  5. It also started working with more apps and games.

We have also talked about changes that occurred in the new version of Freedom app and there will gonna more changes in the upcoming new version of Freedom app. Now let’s talk about some of the requirements you need to install this app on your Android device.

Requirements for Installing Freedom App APK on Android device:

If you want to install Freedom app on your Android device. Firstly, you have to root your android mobile. If you don’t know how to root your android device, just search on Google for your Android mobile model. There are also many apps like king room and much more like this which will root your android mobile with just one click.

We have talked much about Freedom app and its features also. Now, let’s see steps to download and install Freedom app on your Android device.

Steps to download and install Freedom app on your Android device:

You cannot search Freedom app on Google play store and install it easily because you’ll not find Freedom app there. As it is not officially available at any app store. You’ve to download Freedom ask from given below link. Now let’s begin the procedure.

STEP I – First of all download Freedom app from HERE.

STEP II When download will get finish then just click on it and hit install button to start the installation process.

STEP III Now when you’ll open Freedom app then it will ask for root/superuser permission then tap on grant/allow.

STEP IV – Now it will get opened, and then you’ll see a list of installed applications on their main page.

STEP V Select the application from the list of apps which you want to buy in-app purchase free.

STEP VI Now go to their app level or coins section and click on buy.

Now, you’ve successfully installed Freedom app on your Android device. Now you can use it without any issue.

Here is one problem which is faced by many users i.e. Play Store is showing no connection after installing this apk but don’t worry just follow the below steps for the solution.

The solution for the problem faced by some user:

  1. First Open Freedom app and click on Menu button and select Stop option.And then clear data of play store. If your problem is solved then its good but if still there is a problem then follow below steps for it.
  2. First, open any file explorer, but if you don’t have any file explorer which supports Edit system files, then you can download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store.
  3. Then go to /system/etc. folder and you will see their hosts file.
  4. Select and edit that file, Delete everything and Paste below the line.
  5. Save that file and Now clear Play store and then reboot your device.
  6. Now your problem will be fixed properly.

Final Words about Freedom APP APK

Now, Enjoy games and apps by unlocking them with the help of Freedom app. If you like this article just share this article with your friends. If you stuck anywhere in the middle of any steps just comment below. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Keep visiting our website.

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