The Top 7 Game Streaming Sites for the Year

Best Video Game Streaming Sites

People watched over 3.6 billion hours of live game streams in the first quarter of 2019. In 2020, that number increased to almost 5 billion hours contributed by gamers all around the world.

Live streaming video games has become a major way of income for gamers. People also love to watch live games, as we can see from full house attendances at video game competitions.

However, you don’t need to be in video game competitions to stream your gaming. We have quite a few video game streaming sites to help you stream from your home.

Best Video Game Streaming Sites

Let’s check out the top 7 game streaming sites you can use to stream your feed today.

7 Best Video Game Streaming Sites for 2021

1. Twitch

Twitch is undoubtedly the champion of gaming streaming sites. Acquired by Amazon in 2014, the platform popularized live game streaming. Today, Twitch has over 3.8 million unique broadcasters and 1.44 million concurrent viewers.

Twitch is full of celebrity streamers like Ninja. You can also join Twitch and broadcast your live stream for free. Twitch is also available via Amazon Prime, with different ways to make money.

Here is a snapshot of Twitch features for you-

  • Complete social media for gamers
  • Chat rooms for interacting with fans
  • Meet your community in real life in Twitch meetups
  • Paid plans for advanced options

Twitch is designed for broadcasting live games. It’s a free service and lets you stream 24/7. Plus, you can also enjoy a range of eSports events from around the world.

You too can stream games with OBS or Gecata by Movavi. However, the competition on Twitch is very high.

2. YouTube Gaming

YouTube is fast catching up to Twitch in being a reliable streaming platform for gaming. In 2020, over 100 billion hours of gaming content were watched on the platform. You can access more than 40 million active gaming channels to enjoy endless live streams.

YouTube Gaming feels just like YouTube and comes with a zero learning curve. You can create your gaming account and stream right now without any restrictions.

What makes YouTube a reliable streaming service?

  • Earn additional income with Google Adsense
  • Manage all your streams and videos easily
  • Live chat with your community
  • A range of niches to stream

YouTube Gaming is a good place to grow your fan base. Over 1,000 gaming creators now have more than 5 million subscribers. Getting 100,000 subscribers is not difficult, as 80,000 content creators have already achieved it.

3. DLive

DLive is not exclusively a game streaming service, but its focus is surely strong on the industry. The streaming platform recently supported famous gamer PewDiePie to popularize its services.

The best thing about DLive is that you can retain most of your profits. Streamers get more than 90% of the revenues earned from the platform. The rest 10% is collected in a pool to be rewarded to the most active users every day.

DLive is a good alternative to Twitch which claims 50% of your earnings. You also have more reasons to use DLive, as-

  • You get easy ways to monetize your channel and content
  • Use community-focused features to grow your fan base
  • Blockchain-based streaming platform
  • Endless niches and categories to take advantage of

You can also run live radios and use many free features to engage your community.

4. HitBox

HitBox is a direct competitor of Twitch. The platform changed hands many times to become a reliable streaming service. The site is free to join, and you’re greeted by a simple interface. People can easily access top videos and find their favorite ones quickly.

HitBox can be your place to stream because-

  • You can enjoy varied streaming options
  • Content is easily categorized
  • Fast and lag-free streaming
  • Use hashtags to trend your content
  • Gives access to chosen eSport events

You will need good hardware to stream on HitBox. However, you can use external recording devices to stream in a cost-effective way.

HitBox was designed to make live game streaming more interactive. You can do more than just go live and chat with your fans.

5. Mixer (Previously Beam)

Beam was originally launched in 2016 by Microsoft. It went through a name change and is now known as Mixer.

The biggest benefit of Mixer is the ease of streaming over mobile devices. You can easily broadcast your live game for free through Android and iOS apps. You can host games like Star Trek and Mortal Combat 5: Blackout.

Mixer can be a good choice to go live as-

  • You can connect with fans in real-time using chats
  • Arrange live podcasts
  • Host music events
  • Access to eSports tournaments
  • Chosen industry events
  • Host recorded content for your fans

Mixer is a great choice if you use Microsoft products. You can easily sync your accounts and stream free of any hassles. Plus, games like PubG are also welcome on the platform.

However, PS4 users may want to use other platforms.

  6. Smashcast

Smashcast was born from the union of Hitbox and Azubu. The platform aims to provide a platform to gamers for growing their audience. You can beat the competition on sites like Twitch and look forward to a successful gaming career.

Why should you give Smashcast a chance?

  • Stream in 4K resolution
  • A good place to host eSports events
  • Very low lags and smooth streaming
  • Stream using mobile apps
  • Engagement tools like Hype-O-Meter

You can use Smashcast for free to stream your live games. Gamers outside Asia can use the site to develop their careers. The platform is an independent resource that you can surely benefit from.

Smashcast is geared for eSports, and individual streamers may find it challenging to stream on the platform. However, there are rumors that Smashcast is going to shut down sometime soon.

7. GosuGamers

GosuGamers is another platform to stream your live gaming actions. It’s a dedicated game streaming site that also lets you host eSports activities. You can also enjoy articles, rakings, and videos to engage your fan base.

GosuGamers is also good for hosting tournaments, and you can also access industry news. You can stream games like Dota 2, PubG, CS:Go, Lol, Overwatch, and StarCraft 2.

Plus, you can benefit from-

  • A wide range of age groups as your fans
  • Tools to engage and grow followers
  • Good streaming quality

GosuGamers is also a gaming marketplace. You can sell gaming items like skins to boost your revenues.

Final Thoughts

Pick a video game streaming service based on your needs to enjoy the best results. You should choose a site with low competition if you are a new gamer. Try to sign up on two or three platforms to grow your fan base quickly. Plus, establish a social media presence for more exposure.

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