Google video calling app Duo: Everything you need to know about the app

Google video calling app

The Google’s Duo, a video-calling app for the one-on-one of an interaction, is now live. The Google had announced the Duo and also the Allo (a new messaging app) at an annual I/O conference held in the year 2016 recently. The Duo is a cross-platform app, which will work on an Android and an iOS. The users will need to have only their mobile number to sign in into the Duo. The Google first introduced an innovative new video calling app, the Duo, in the month of May this year at its I/O conference in the San Francisco, and the company also claims the app to take all of the complexity which the users generally face out of the video calling.

The Duo works all across on an Android and an iOS and has a seamless transition from a cellular to the WiFi network. Amit Fulay, at Google’s group manager for the communications, said: “the users are being reluctant to the video call because they don’t know that if the other person is on the right network, the right device or not or if it’s a good time to call him at that particular time, so it’s been trying to remove all of that friction by the Google’s this app and to make it feel for the users like an invitation and not an interruption if and when someone call’s them”.

The Duo is all about the simplicity and the quality. It’s all about the best way of video calling. There are no frills being there while the user calls, no knobs or dials to adjust and it just simply works very easily and conveniently.

Google video calling app Duo: Everything you need to know about the app

The Google’s Duo has a simple interface and will let the users to just type a contact name with whom they wish to make the video call. A user needs only their mobile number to log-in and not the Google account as they’re in the Hangouts. The Google is hoping this simple log-in process will work to its advantage, and bring in, the more users, especially the first time of an Android user from India, for those who wish to try out the video calling. In an India, the WhatsApp remains as the most popular messaging app and it relies on the mobile numbers to create an account, unlike that of the Google Hangouts which needs a Gmail ID for the login.

The Duo is also being an end-to-end encrypted for all the calls, an unlike of the Allo where only messages in the incognito mode are being an end-to-end encrypted. The Google says in an Allo’s case they were bringing their machine learning to an app, which is why an end-to-end encryption was not made in the default mode.

On the broader messaging strategy, the Fulay says the Duo is geared for the consumers making the video calls as their preference. An only identity needed for it will be the mobile numbers, and the first-time smartphone users will be easily able to take it to them. According to the Google, the idea with the Duo is to start fresh and create a simple app for the making of the video calls.

The entire user interface is being designed to be of an intuitive in nature and be simple to use. An even the setup process is made simple and requires just your phone number, that’s it. Once the set up is done, a video call can be initiated with just a single tap only. Part of the attraction of the Duo is that the Google also built into it the capability to stay online and to be connected even when you’re on a slower network. The video quality is being reduced gracefully to ensure that the calls aren’t being disconnected, and they don’t break up. The users won’t have to wait for the ages for the coals to get it connected to either now. It’s just quick, regardless of your network’s reliability.

Knock Knock feature:

The Duo also includes in it the most important of its feature, called the Knock Knock, which lets you see the live videos of your caller before you can even answer the call, giving you a sense of what they’re up to and why they want to chat with you.

Once the call is being accepted, the video continues, an uninterruptedly. The Google claims that the Knock Knock helps to make the video calling experience a more spontaneous and welcoming to its users, helping them to connect with the person before they even pick up the call and if they wish to pick up the call they just need to answer the call just by sliding up an icon and diving right into the call without any interruption or the delay in the connecting of the call.

For those users who are also worried and care about their security o the call, the Google says that all the calls are being an end-to-end encrypted so that no one can listen in an on to your calls. The Duo is rolling out, for an Android and an iOS from this year, and will be live across the globe very soon. It’s free to download and also be free to use, as with pretty much of all of the Google’s services. The app is currently available on an Android and an iOS globally in the 78 languages. It uses just your phone number to sign in, unlike most of the other video call-ups.

The Skype and the other video calling apps are now in the Google’s crosshairs. Just after the Duo was being announced, the Google said that its Hangouts will now shift focus away from the consumers and the Duo will take its place now very soon.

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