GPS Technology: A Modern Navigation Tool That Just Keeps Getting Better

It’s almost hard to think about how we got around before GPS. Our modern society has become intertwined with the use of GPS. Rather than just helping us get from one point to another, it has added a lot to our lives in the way we communicate, move around and more.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is used on cars, various transportation systems, and other important devices. The system uses satellites that ping back to the device to determine the location. Like many original technologies, they were first developed for the military before being spread in civilian and commercial use. GPS is incredibly concise and accurate. It is also used to predict weather around the world.

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One of its best uses has been with vehicles. It has become a necessity for most cars or associated devices to have GPS capabilities. The GPS is one of the most widely used technologies in the past two centuries. As of late, every major car has it built in. The new Dodge Durango is a perfect example of the integrated GPS system.

Everyday Use

Driving has taken a lot from GPS, aside from just getting from point A to B. All navigation applications are based on GPS. The maps that you use are also made so by GPS technologies. It’s also great for tracking vehicles on a variety of applications. For example, Uber and other ride-sharing apps are such apps that wouldn’t be around or possible if it weren’t for GPS technology. The old days of using a paper map and having to look around with just your senses are over.

Another great thing that has come out of GPS systems is the over the ground surveillance you can use too. You can simply search online through Google Maps and find a location to get a good idea of how it looks. That’s a lifesaver when you’re out on the road and your device with GPS may die out. Though, you won’t have that problem if the car is integrated with a GPS system.

Origins of Use

GPS takes the latitude and longitude coordinates to figure out where that corresponding device is anywhere on earth. The location is complete and without error to a certain degree.

The current GPS network has an operation of 24 satellites with a minimum of four satellites that are seen giving signals at any certain time. Satellites also send and receive data between companies that can then use that data for other aspects.

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GPS was first developed in the 1970s before becoming widespread through the following decades. The GPS program came from the United States at $5 billion at the time and greatly increased the proliferation around the earth.

There were a lot of policies that allowed GPS signals to get to their strength today and be used for all people around the country and earth. It is a necessity and vital for some innovations.

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