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With Halloween crawling and creeping its way into this month, it’s just a few days away. And unlike other times let’s start celebrating this Halloween with a blast with few of the best Halloween apps and start having fun right now. Well, yah there are a lot of Halloween apps that you will be able to choose from but today, I am going to list for you are a bunch of the best apps that you can choose for yourself for this Hallow party.

So let this Halloween be the best so far with this amazing Halloween apps at your resort. Let’s not wait anymore and get down with the list of the Halloween apps for this Halloween party.

Also keeping in mind, that there are a lot of users who have iOS and Android devices. So, I have taken the courtesy of listing the apps for both Android and iOS users. Enjoy.

The Best Halloween Party Apps:

Halloween Card Creator

Making its way into first of the list is the Halloween Card Creator which allows you to create and customize your own perfect Halloween Card which you will be able to share with everyone through social media network. So let the love of Halloween spread with your own customized and unique Halloween Cards.

The Very Hungry Pumpkin+

As the name suggests this is where you have to take on the need to feed a pumpkin with sweets. And in this process, you also have to keep avoiding obstacles that will be on the way and let the trick or treat began with this sweet and cute Halloween game.

Don’t forget to Grab your Spirit Halloween Promo Code which will help you to enjoy few of the best offers on online and offline products for this Halloween. So go ahead and grab one for yourself.

Shooting the Pumpkin

Just like Halloween would be incomplete without Pumpkin my list of Halloween apps would simply be incomplete without an app with Pumpkins. And so here is an app just with Pumpkin where you have to play as a Dracula who has to shoot at a pumpkin which will be on the top of Frankenstein’s head. This is really an epic game so you have to pay a little amount of $0.99. But keep in mind that you don’t shoot the Frankenstein’s head or you are going to end up starting a war between the Dracula and the Frankenstein’s. You Are Warned.

Hell Puzzle

With the list of action games, it would be really unfair if I don’t suggest you with a simple and easy yet a mind-boggling puzzle game… Namely the Hell Puzzle on this Halloween. Here with this game, you will be able to choose and arrange few of the most delightful puzzles for this Halloween. And as the name says this is an indeed amazing game that you can try for just $0.99.

And so these were the list of the best Halloween games that you can choose for yourself and make this coming Halloween a really freaky one.

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