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Web hosting is the primary need for a website to run on the internet. There are companies that offer web hosting services in which they offer web space for storing your website data and email data, and also they have proper server configurations so that you can run your website smoothly.

You may find a long list of web hosting companies out there; some of them would be very costly and some of them are quite cheap. If you have a big fat budget, you must go with a costly one because they do offer premium services. On the other hand, most of the cheap hosting providers may not be offering good services and they might be having so much of downtime.

So, in case you are low on budget but still want a good web hosting company that offers premium services at low cost, then you must have to find the hosting company carefully because there is a huge list of hosting services that show their lucrative looking offers at low cost but their services give you nightmares. So, better don’t even look at them.

What would you have to do in such case?

You just need to select the one that offers the best hosting services at affordable cost. Hostinger is one such hosting company that has been there for a decade and excels at what they do.

Hostinger has been offering premium hosting services at affordable cost for more than a decade now, and they have been improving their services over the years as well. They current boast more than 29,000,000 clients in 178 countries.

If you have used the free web hosting company already, then let me tell you that it is also a product of Hostinger.

Hottinger’s Web Hosting Plans

Hostinger offers Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting. Under both hosting types, they offer multiple plans that allow us to choose the plan of our choice.

Shared Hosting Plan

As the name says, Shared Hosting means your site shares the server resources with other websites hosted on the same server. This hosting type is quite popular with small businesses and bloggers.

Hostinger has three different plans for Shared Hosting:

  1. Single Web Hosting
  2. Premium Web Hosting
  3. Business Web Hosting
  4. Single Web Hosting: In this hosting plan, you can host only one website, and the resources are limited as well. You get 10GB Disk Space, 100 GB bandwidth, 1 MySQL Database, 1 FTP user, 1 Email, and various other features that allow us to run your website smoothly. Weekly Backup is also included in this plan which is a great feature as you don’t have to worry much about backing up manually.
  5. Premium Web Hosting: You get everything unlimited in this plan such as unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Database, unlimited FTP user, Unlimited Emails, etc. This plan is specially optimized for WordPress that helps your WP site load 3x faster than normal. You also get a free domain included in this plan. Weekly Backup is also included
  6. Business Web Hosting: You get everything unlimited just like Premium Plan and few extra features are added to this plan such as 5x WordPress site speed, 2x power, and memory, free SSL. This plan offers daily backup of your site.

Auto installers are included in every plan along with features like cron jobs, FTP access, 99% uptime guarantee, etc.

VPS Plan

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and it is a kind of hosting in which your site is hosted on a dedicated IP and it doesn’t share its resources with other sites. These make the site load faster and also it is safe from malware and virus infections.

Hostinger has 6 different VPS plans which have almost same features just the resources vary such as VPS Plan 1 offers 1GB RAM, 20GB disk space then VPS Plan 2 offers 2 GB Ram and 40 GB disk space.


Apart from web hosting offers, you can also register your domain with Hostinger which you might find cheaper than other registrars.

It also offers a free website builder which you can use to create your websites.

Above all, Hostinger offers 30 Days Risk-free Trial which allows you to cancel your hosting subscription within 30 days if you are not satisfied. You won’t be asked any questions about it, and your refund will be done to the original payment method instantly.


Finding a good web host at low cost is quite tough because if you find cheap ones, their services might be worst, and if you find a good one, their prices might be very high. Hostinger is one company that offers the best hosting services at the low cost which fulfills everyone’s requirement.

Since there is 30-days Risk-Free Trial offer, you can try it today, and see if you like it. I am sure you will not regret after choosing Hostinger.

About the Author: Mithilesh Chaubey

Mithilesh is a part time blogger from Noida. He loves to write on various topics of technology, Gadgets, Health & sports.

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