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How POS Tech Has Advanced


POS moved from face-to-face business to impersonal online transactions. Companies like Amazon streamlined this system. What developed was sort of patchwork solutions in an effort to keep pace with the blazing speed at which the internet transformed the world. But, mobile technology, like smartphones, have accomplished so much more than the early developers imagined.


From virtual and altered realities to cryptographic-based technologies, you must consider POS in new ways. Virtual reality offers the opportunity to again put faces in front of POS. Blockchain technology and the growing number of cryptocurrencies expands upon cryptographic applications.

Evolving Software

Software POS enables some very powerful applications. Broadly, this helps your business micro-market specific operations so as to gain influence over the sales funnels sooner. Employing a data-capture device automates transactions while providing logistical advantages. Some of the technical areas that improve are:

  • price tracking
  • Accounting accuracy
  • inventory management
  • revenue

Software POS impacts operational results for:

  • consumer behavior
  • customer service
  • a smooth sales flow
  • efficient stocking of warehouses

Mobile Solutions for POS

The computer was born out of necessity and making it smaller was logical. Mobile devices on the other hand, while providing convenient Internet access, are more than simply a next-generation interface. Migrating to mobile is creating new ideas about how to develop and access the web.

While e-commerce made up less than 10% of sales in the US in 2017, it is destined to become the dominant method for POS in the very near future. Mobile e-commerce is here. Large companies have invested their resources into making the future a reality now. Many enable a mobile phone to be used as a payment system, as well as, an ID so your customers do not need to go to the checkout counter.

Software POS solutions are riddled with emerging mobile applications. Devices with these new applications built in are becoming more prevalent. Security of credit card information is heightened because a lock requires either biometric information or a secure PIN code to coincide with tap and pay. This process does not require a server processing your customers credit card information. It provides that needed mix of peace of mind and convenience.

Other Considerations

Barcode/RFID and bio metric login have some useful applications for your employees. In addition to securing the workplace environment, its logistical applications can get rather creative. Scheduling, tracking hours, monitoring transactions, and staffing all stand to benefit. This technology is a convenient, efficient solution whose applications are still being discovered.

Customer information can be stored on a POS database. This enables order preference tracking, facilitates repeat orders, and generally speeds up your business while making it more efficient. Integrating a mobile app and/or online ordering is becoming a standard. It removes human error from orders. Turnaround times and delivery times are faster.

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POS is continuing to evolve. Mobile solutions lead the way. There are many things to consider in predicting the future of your business. Current technology is making use of cryptography like RFID. The future is wide open both technologically and personally because blockchain and VR are also on the new frontier.